IMG: Embedded Images

Status: Extra

The IMG element allows another document to be inserted inline. The document is normally an icon or small graphic, etc. This element is NOT intended for embedding other HTML text.

Browsers which are not able to display inline images ignore IMG elements. Authors should note that some browsers will be able to display (or print) linked graphics but not inline graphics. If the graphic is essential, it may be wiser to make a link to it rather than to put it inline. If the graphic is essentially decorative, then IMG is appropriate.

The IMG element is empty: it has no closing tag. It has two attributes:

The value of this attribute is the URL of the document to be embedded. Its syntax is the same as that of the HREF attribute of the A tag. SRC is mandatory.
Take values TOP or MIDDLE or BOTTOM, defining whether the tops or middles of bottoms of the graphics and text should be aligned vertically.
Optional alternative text as an alternative to the graphics for display in text-only environments.

Note that IMG elements are allowed within anchors.


	Warning: < IMG SRC ="triangle.gif" ALT="Warning:"> This must be done by a
	qualified technician.

	< A HREF="Go.html">< IMG SRC ="" ALT="GO"></A>