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WWW Server Manager List

NOTE Note: Last updated Oct 1994.

This mailing list is managed by a utility called Majordomo. You can subscribe to the list by sending a message like:

	subscribe www-managers
Likewise, if you want to remove yourself from the list, send the message:
	unsubscribe www-managers
to the same address. For a complete list of Majordomo commands, send the command:
This message is a summary of the www-managers charter and rules, stolen in large part from the charter for the excellent alpha-osf-managers list, maintained by Dave Sill. The goal of this list is to provide a high signal-to-noise, quick-turnaround forum for managers of WWW servers and sites to get answers to specific questions about the setup and maintenance of HTTP servers and clients. No discussions will take place - answers are to be mailed back to the person who asked the question, who then has responsibility for summarizing the relevant answers and posting back to the mailing list.

October 1994