SSL Reader Stream

**	(c) COPYRIGHT MIT 1995.
**	Please first read the full copyright statement in the file COPYRIGH.

The SSL Reader Stream is an input stream which knows how to read from a SSL socket layer, for example provided by the OpenSSL Library. It is a libwww transport and may be registered using the Transport Manager. The application can initialize this stream together with the HTSSLWriter stream, for example. This module requires a SSL library in order to link/compile.

This module is implemented by HTSSLReader.c, and it is a part of the W3C Sample Code Library.

The module is contributed by Olga Antropova


#include "HTIOStream.h"

Input Buffering

In order to optimize reading a channel, we bind a buffer to each channel object. The size of this buffer is a compromise between speed and memory. Here it is chosen as the default TCP High Water Mark (sb_hiwat) for receiving data. By default, we have chosen a value that equals the normal TCP High Water Mark (sb_hiwat) for receiving data.

#define INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE    32*1024

SSL Read Stream

extern HTInput_new HTSSLReader_new;
#endif /* HTSSLREADER_H */

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