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Class w3c.jigadm.editors.ResourceHelper


public abstract class ResourceHelper
extends Object
implements ResourceHelperInterface

Variable Index

 o rls

Constructor Index

 o ResourceHelper()

Method Index

 o addResourceListener(ResourceListener)
 o clearChanged()
set the current resource to be the original resource (ie: the hasChanged() method must return false now.
 o commitChanges()
commit the changes (if any)
 o errorPopup(String, Exception)
 o getComponent()
 o getTitle()
 o getValue()
 o hasChanged()
tells if the edited resource in the helper has changed
 o initialize(RemoteResourceWrapper, Properties)
initialize the helper
 o processEvent(EventObject)
 o removeResourceListener(ResourceListener)
 o resetChanges()
undo the not-yet-commited changes


 o rls
 protected Vector rls


 o ResourceHelper
 public ResourceHelper()


 o getTitle
 public abstract String getTitle()
 o getComponent
 public abstract Component getComponent()
 o errorPopup
 protected void errorPopup(String name,
                           Exception ex)
 o addResourceListener
 public synchronized void addResourceListener(ResourceListener rl)
 o getValue
 public RemoteResource getValue()
 o removeResourceListener
 public synchronized void removeResourceListener(ResourceListener rl)
 o processEvent
 protected void processEvent(EventObject eo)

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