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Jigsaw property editor

The current version of Jigsaw's property editor, uses HTML form. It is usually available through the /Admin/Properties resource on your server. This document explains you how to use this property editor to customize your global server settings.

Each Jigsaw module can define its own property sheet, so the list of property sets you see on this page may depend on what modules are currently loaded.

Changing property values

To change a property, just type in its new value (or change the toggle, if the property supports multiple-choice). Once you have entered the new value, press the OK button. If the provided value is synctatically correct, and if the change to the property can be applied dynamically (while the server runs), then the server emits back the form with the property value updated.

They are two cases were the server will return an error message:

Once you have changed some properties, you can test the new values by restarting the server. To do this, just press the restart button in the /Admin/Properties page. The server will first shutdown itself. Wait for it to restart (which will be indicated by the usual welcome message), and then point your browser back to the property editor. The new values should be displayed, you can save the properties in order to make them the default at server startup time.

If the server is unable to restart by itself (probably because one of your setting is incorrect, as indicated by Jigsaw failure's message on startup), then restart it manually (it will then use the previous set of properties, that we know is correct).

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