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This class implements a full blown caching-proxy module for Jigsaw. It relies on the w3c's HTTP client side API to handle both request forwarding and reply caching.

If the handle-ftp attribute is set to true this resource will also fullfil FTP requests. It will not cache the result, however. Redirectin FTP traffic to an upward proxy can be done through the following (standard) Java properties (to be set in the config/server.props file):




Warning: Do not try to use this resource class in conjunction with the VirtualHostFrame class: HTTP specification doesn't allow to have virtual proxies.


The ProxyFrame class inerits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The ProxyFrame defines the following attributes:

Should the proxy also handle FTP urls ? If set to true the proxy will handle requests targeted toward ftp servers.
This attribute is an editable BooleanAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to false.

Jigsaw Team
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