WSTF Use Case Assignments

These are the currently assigned use cases in the WS-Arch Usage Scenarios Working Draft (USWD). The link will take you to the scenario. Please use the public list to request assignment to a scenario. Please note that more than one person can work on a scenario.

The goal in working on these scenarios is to identify different internationalization issues that can arise for implementers, either of the specific Web service pattern or of SOAP Providers and SOAP consumers, applications, or environments. By aligning the Internationalization Usage Scenarios with the WS-Architecture WG's activites, we hope to make our materials more accessable to others.


Scenario Assigned To Documents
2.1 S001 Fire-and-forget to single receiver Addison Phillips
Mail List Archive Entry
2.2 S002 Fire-and-forget to multiple receivers Addison Phillips Mail List Archive Entry
2.3 S003 Request/Response Addison Phillips ws-request-response-pattern-scenario
2.4 S004 Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Andrea Vine
2.5 S006 Multiple Faults Andrea Vine
2.6 S007 Multiple asynchronous responses Andrea Vine
2.7 S010 Request with acknowledgement Teruhiko Kurosaka
2.8 S030 Third party intermediary Addison Phillips ws-aggregation-pattern-scenario
2.9 S031 Communication via multiple intermediaries
2.10 S032 Caching Martin Dürst Mail List Archive Entry
2.11 S035 Routing
2.12 S036 Tracking
2.13 S037 Caching with expiration
2.14 S040 Conversational message exchange
2.15 S061 Request with encrypted payload
2.16 S062 Message header and payload encryption
2.17 S0621 Attachment encryption
2.18 S063 Authentication
2.19 S064 Message Integrity
2.20 S065 Authentication of data
2.21 S070 Asynchronous messaging
2.22 S071 Asynch/Synchronous specificity
2.23 S080 Transaction
2.24 S090 Sending non-XML data
2.25 S091 Incremental parsing/processing of SOAP messages
2.26 S092 Streaming Response
2.27 S200 Event notification
2.28 S201 Event Management Model
2.29 S300 System Messages
2.30 S500 Service Metadata
2.31 S501 Service Level attributes
2.32 S502 Operation Level attributes
2.33 S503 Namespaces with data and interfaces
2.34 S504 Versioning
2.35 S505 Classification system for operations
2.36 S510 Quality of service
2.37 S600 Address based Discovery
2.38 S601 Registry based discovery

Use cases

Case Assigned To Documents
3.1 Travel agent use case
3.2 EDI-like purchasing
--Typical Widget Purchase
--Transaction Log Mismatch
--SmallCo Incorrectly Thinks They Weren't Paid
--SmallCo Really Wasn't Paid