WWW Conference, Paris, 6 May 1996

Internationalization workshop

Note: the link to HTML i18n in the call for participation is outdated, the new one is: draft-ietf-html-i18n-04.txt.

Accepted papers:


Equipment in the room: Sun (Solaris2.5) with Internet connection, overhead projector, LCD (for projecting computer screens).

The following presentations are expected:

  1. [15 min] François Yergeau: (1) status of HTML I18N, (2) Internationalisation of URLs.
  2. [15 min] John Larmouth: The importance of architectures, models, and interfaces.
  3. [15 min] Martin Bryan: Maintaining links between translations.
  4. [15 min] Faith Zack, Server and CGI extensions (working title)
  5. [15 min] Tomas Carrasco Benitez, Web Internationalization & Multilinguism
  6. [15 min] Jean Dougnac, Multilingual software architecture.
  7. [15 min] Gregor Erbach, Multi-lingual HTML/multilingual servers.


The workshop will take place at the CNIT, Paris, 6 May 1996. Room Dickens3.

  1. 9.00: Welcome and agenda
  2. 9.30: Presentations 1, 2, 3 & questions
  3. 10:30: Coffee break
  4. 11.00: Presentations 4, 5, 6 & questions
  5. 12.30: Lunch break
  6. 13.30: Afternoon agenda
  7. 14.00: Discussions
  8. 15.00: Tea break
  9. 15.30: More discussions
  10. 18.00: End of workshop

A list of suggested discussion topics can be found in a separate file.

Workshop organizer is Bert Bos (bert@w3.org), workshop chairman is Steven Pemberton (Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl).

How to participate

The workshop will be held on Monday, 6 May 1996, as part of the WWW conference. (See the conference pages for addresses.) If you want to participate in the workshop, you'll have to do two things:

  1. Register for the workshop/tutorial day of the conference.
  2. Send a position paper to the workshop convenor: Bert Bos (bert@w3.org)

The position paper is a text that explains what your interest in the workshop is. It can be a previously written paper, an argument for a particular solution to an i18n problem, a description of the work you do, etc. It can be anywhere from one page (hard-copy), to as many as you need. It must convince me that you really need to be at the workshop, and it should also help other participants to prepare themselves. Include as many hyperlinks as you want, including those to your home page.

The papers will be put on-line and linked from this page. They will also be handed out to participants at the workshop itself. Current goal is to have around 20 participants (and as many position papers). The workshop's organizer is responsable for selecting the participants and may refuse or invite people.

W3CWorld-Wide Web Consortium
Bert Bos
19, 20 Feb, 17, 25 Apr, 5 May 1996