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See also
See also

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Internationalization Review Radar

See also

This page summarizes upcoming specifications that the Internationalization Core Working Group is aware of that need to be reviewed for internationalization-related considerations.

High priority

Scheduled Last Call reviews

Recently Concluded

No Schedule But of Interest


Document Shepherds

Documents listed here are "shepherded" by the listed WG member.

  • CSS3-lists rishida
  • CSS3-ruby rishida
  • CSS3-text addison
  • CSS3-text-decoration addison
  • CSS3-writing-modes koji
  • HTML Encoding Specification addison
  • HTML Ruby Extension rishida
  • HTML5 addison
  • Notifications norbert
  • HTML Polyglot felix
  • UTR50 aharon
  • xinclude felix
  • Contacts addison
  • CSS3-flexbox koji
  • ITS-20 felix
  • TURTLE addison
  • UTR20 rishida
  • WOFF john o'conner
  • SysappAlarms norbert

Other documents needing review

Ongoing discussions on reviewed documents

See the list of open issues, sorted by product.

(For lists of pre-tracker comments see the former review history page.)

LC passed with no comments

Web Messaging Review ends: 2012-04-03 (no review)

Web Workers Review ends: 2012-04-03

Geolocation API Specification Level 2 Review ends: 2012-01-15

DeviceOrientation Event Specification Review ends: 2012-01-15

CSS Speech Module Review ends: 2011-09-30

Unicode Properties for Vertical Text Layout Review ends: 2012-01-30

CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (CSS3 UI) Review ends: 2012-02-14

WAI-ARIA 1.0 User Agent Implementation Guide Review ends: 2012-02-17