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(Main Working Group Resource Links)
(Main Working Group Resource Links)
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== Main Working Group Resource Links ==
== Main Working Group Resource Links ==
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The Homework Page

Indicates things the Internationalization Core WG members should read/do before upcoming telecons. Please propose additions by sending email to member list using subject "agenda+ <topic>". Note that items will not necessarily be dealt with in the same order during the telecon.

IRC Access

This meeting uses IRC channel #i18n. Web client is here:

 Web IRC Access

Time Change

The teleconference time is currently Thursdays at 1500 UTC.

Action items

See: http://www.w3.org/International/track/actions/open

List Of Scribes

This is the upcoming scribing list. As people scribe, their name is moved to the bottom of the list. If you are due to scribe and cannot attend the meeting, your name will be kept at the top, but it would be appreciated if you sent regrets prior to the meeting.

  • Koji Ishii
  • David Clarke
  • Mati Allouche
  • John Klensin
  • Ning Jin-Grisaffi
  • Addison Phillips * 2013-04-10 2013-02-28 2013-01-31
  • Norbert Lindenberg * 2013-02-07
  • Felix Sasaki * 2013-02-14
  • John O'Conner * 2013-02-21
  • Aharon Lanin * 2013-03-21

Main Working Group Resource Links

The main mailing list for the Working Group's public work is the same as the Internationalization Interest Group list: