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ISSUE-514 (edit) CLOSED Halfwidth characters incorrectly rendered in Chrome ⓣ 2015-11-25 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-515 (edit) CLOSED spaces at the ends of lines in a <span style="unicode-bidi:isolate"> inside a pre are displayed at the wrong end of the line ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-516 (edit) CLOSED Make unicode-bidi: isolate the default for elements with a dir attribute (mozilla) ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-517 (edit) CLOSED Make unicode-bidi:isolate the default for an element with a dir attribute (instead of unicode-bidi:embed) (chrome) ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0

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