For this test to work for IE7 you will need to add Arabic and Hebrew to the browser language preferences.

Mouse over the links in the tests and note whether the domain name is displayed as punycode or Unicode characters or something else in the status bar.

1 Basic test

Objective: What happens with ordinary IDNs using right-to-left scripts?


  1. العربية.museum (Arabic script)
  2. עברית.museum (Hebrew script)

2 RTL and LTR characters mixed

Objective: How does the user agent handle a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left scripts?

Description: Mixing LTR and RTL scripts within a single label is illegal in IDN.

  1. العربية (Arabic script)
  2. עברית (Hebrew script)

3 RTL characters mixed with numbers

Objective: How does the user agent handle a mixture of numbers and right-to-left scripts?

Description: Numbers at the beginning/end of a label containing RTL scripts are illegal in IDN.

  1. العربية123العربية.museum (Arabic script)
  2. עברית123עברית.museum (Hebrew script)
  3. العربية٤٥٦العربية.museum (Arabic script with arabic-indic digits)
  4. العربية۴۵۶العربية.museum (Arabic script with extended arabic-indic digits)
  5. العربية (Arabic script)
  6. עברית (Hebrew script)
  7. العربية٤٥٦.museum (Arabic script with arabic-indic digits)
  8. العربية۴۵۶.museum (Arabic script with extended arabic-indic digits)

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