Prerequisites: Download the Garuda font and install it on your system. Ensure that the browser's default font for Thai is set to a different font.

Thai EOT font download

Test passes if the text in the orange box looks the same as the installed font, and does not look like the fallback font.

If this browser doesn't support EOT font downloads, or the text in the orange box looks like the fallback font, you should skip this test.

ให้มีขึ้น การทําให้
Installed font:
ให้มีขึ้น การทําให้
Browser default:
ให้มีขึ้น การทําให้

Assertion: When using @font-face to download an EOT version of the Thai Garuda font, the browser renders the text in the same way as an installed version of the font.


Installing the font on your system establishes a baseline expectation for the result. This helps neutralise failures caused due to lack of rendering support at the OS level.

If the browser's default font for Thai is the same as the font being downloaded, you cannot be sure whether the test has passed or failed.

See the font license information for this font.

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