word-break: break-all, Arabic

Test passes if the text wraps on a character by character basis and the Arabic script shows the appropriate joining forms around the break.

If the browser wraps a whole word at a time, skip this test. Adjust the width of the window to see where the line breaks. If you cannnot adjust the window size, use the buttons to change the size of the box. The second box shows what you would expect to see wrap to the next line from the end of the first line.

نشاط التدويل نشاط التدويل نشاط التدويل نشاط التدويل نشاط التدويل نشاط التدويل
… التدوي‍

Assertion: When shaping scripts such as Arabic are allowed to break within words due to break-all, the characters must still be shaped as if the word were not broken. .

Notes:This test is only examining joining behaviour when break-all applies. Therefore, if the browser wraps whole words at a time you cannot get results needed, and you should skip this test.
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