hyphens: auto, automatic Arabic hyphenation

Test passes if you see words being hyphenated and the glyphs have the same joining form as non-hyphenated words.

If this browser doesn't support test line-break-145 or you see no hyphenation taking place, you should skip this test.

You may get better results by using the buttons to change the size of the box.

نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن نوشتنن.

Assertion: With hyphens:auto, Arabic words that are hyphenated maintain the joining glyphs on either side of the hyphen.

Notes:The text in the test is labelled as lang='ar'. Hyphenation is reliant on the availability of a hyphenation dictionary for the language specified.
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