Soft-hyphens, wrap at hyphen location

Extend the window to show all text on one line. Then steadily reduce the width of the orange box by either using the buttons (if JavaScript is available) or moving the window side. Test passes if, while steadily narrowing the window width, the text "funktionen" wraps, then "verarbeitungsfunktionen" appears on the second line, then "verarbeitungs" appears on the second line and "funktionen" on the third. Wrapping should not occur anywhere else. The presence or not of visible hyphens is not relevant in this test.

Test: Eingabe­verarbeitungs­funktionen

Assertion: The browser will will break a word at any soft hyphen.


These tests examine the default behavior of characters against the expectations in the Unicode Standard Annex, version 5.1.0. The two-letter abbreviations are conventions for property names in the Unicode Standard. Non-tailorable characters have normative behavior in the Unicode Standard that applies in all normal circumstances.

For more information about expected line break behavior and line break classes, see Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties.

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