Prerequisites: An Arabic and a Hebrew font.

rtl page, ltr div, p

same Test passes if:
A. The visual order of words is Arabic (مكتب), English (W3C), Hebrew (הישראלי)
B. The text is left-aligned.

مكتب W3C הישראלי

مكتب W3C הישראלי

reference graphic

Assertion: When dir="rtl" is added to a div in a rtl context, for paragraphs in the div (a) directional runs are ordered left-to-right, (b) the paragraphs are left-aligned on the page.

Notes:The order of directional runs in memory is: Arabic (مكتب) English (W3C) Hebrew (הישראלי).

= means you should check that the test and reference graphic look the same, except for font differences and cursive joining behavior.

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