CJK font assignment (html)

Test passes if any of the ideographic characters in the box have slightly different glyphs.

雪 no language

雪 zh

雪 zh-Hans

雪 zh-CN

雪 zh-Hant

雪 zh-TW

雪 zh-HK

雪 ja

雪 ko

Assertion: [Exploratory test] If no font-family is applied using styling, the user agent will select different fonts for display of ideographic text as the language attribute values vary in the markup.


This behaviour is not specified in the HTML or CSS specifications. Typically the result of this test is affected by different default font settings in the browser's font preferences for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. (Some user agents also allow for a distinction between Traditional Chinese for Taiwan and Hong Kong.) This test assumes that these settings, when accessible, have not all been set to the same font.

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