Prerequisites: A font with glyphs for all characters.

Cyrillic Extended, lowercase

Test passes if the both characters in each pair match.

If you can't see all the glyphs, click on Skip.

Ԁ ԁ Ԃ ԃ Ԅ ԅ Ԇ ԇ Ԉ ԉ Ԋ ԋ Ԍ ԍ Ԏ ԏ Ԑ ԑ Ԓ ԓ Ԕ ԕ Ԗ ԗ Ԙ ԙ Ԛ ԛ Ԝ ԝ Ԟ ԟ Ԡ ԡ Ԣ ԣ Ԥ ԥ Ԧ ԧ

Assertion: The UA will lowercase all applicable letters in the Cyrillic Extended Unicode block when text-transform is set to lowercase.


Tip: To identify the characters where differences occur, in order to report problem characters, copy and paste the sequence into a tool such as UniView or the Unicode Conversion Tool.

If you are unable to see font glyphs for certain characters using the browsers default font you can apply a specific font by typing its name in the following box:

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