Test passes if the character followed by 文文文文 cannot become the first character on a line. It should wrap to the next line with the preceding 中 character.

If JavaScript is available, adjust the width of the window so that the line breaks just after the first 文 character, then use the buttons to move the text wrapping point. (If JavaScript is not available, just adjust the width of the user agent window for each test).

中中中中中中中中中中 中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中.文文文文

Assertion: The browser will not allow a Unicode character with the CL Closing Punctuation property at the beginning of a line.


These tests examine the default behavior of characters against the expectations in the Unicode Standard Annex, version 5.1.0. The two-letter abbreviations are conventions for property names in the Unicode Standard. Non-tailorable characters have normative behavior in the Unicode Standard that applies in all normal circumstances.

For more information about expected line break behavior and line break classes, see Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties.

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