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W3C نشاط التدويل i18n activity!
W3C نشاط التدويل i18n activity!

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Assertion: When direction:rtl and unicode-bidi:bidi-override is set on a block element containing block and inline elements, only the direction of the inline text will be overridden.

Notes:The CSS2 specification says that the direction will not be overridden at all throughout the top level container, whereas the CSS2.1 specification says that inline text direction will be overridden, but not that of the contained block element. In both cases, the CSS specifications say that the effect corresponds to adding a LRO (U+202D; for 'direction: ltr') or RLO (U+202E; for 'direction: rtl') at the start of the element and a PDF (U+202C) at the end of the element.
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