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Internationalization tests

This page groups together pages being developed by the W3C Internationalization Working Group to assess internationalization support of user agents. It is an ongoing effort.

Note that these tests do not only test conformance with W3C standards. In some cases the tests also allow for exploration of the behavior of user agents in ways not described by the standards.

* We are in the process of rewriting and moving all the tests. The rewrite corrects some test errors, but, more importantly, produces a tests that can be integrated with the Test the Web Forward work.


HTML5 tests still using old framework


CSS3 Counter Styles

International Counter Style Definitions

CSS3 Selectors

CSS Syntax

CSS3 Text

CSS Writing Modes

CSS tests still using old framework

See all tests that used the old framework.


Other Tests

Contact: Richard Ishida (ishida@w3.org).

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