Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

WWW Internationalization Workshop

Position Paper

Nikolai Puntikov

General Manager

STAR SPB (Russia) Ltd.

P.O. Box 703
St.Petersburg 199053

STAR is the communication company with offices in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, PRC, Singapore, Russia, Korea. STAR offers services in translation and localization, technical publishing and terminology management, software and language engineering. Nick Puntikov is a general manager in STAR SPB (Russia). He is responsible for research and promoting of the know-how in supporting the multilingual content for STAR products and operations. Currently, Nick is especially interested in WWW localization and internationalization because of STAR projects to provide access to translation services and databases of multilingual documents and terminology by means of local and global web.

Nick's interest in this workshop relates to the following issues:

For 12 years STAR provides multilingual services for industrial customers. Also, one of the STAR products is a powerful translator's workbench TRANSIT the UNICODE version of which is currently being developed in STAR SPB (Russia). Nick Puntikov represents STAR in the LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) SIG "Localization on the WWW". Nick believes that his practical experience in dealing with the above problems may be of interest to other participants of the workshop.