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1 Goal

List event that partners will attend to present about MultilingualWeb-LT.

List milestones of our work, marked with "M".

2 Events and Milestones

M or E Event or Milestone When? Where? Who is presenting,
submitting a paper etc? What should be or was achieved?
Audience (if applicable)
E XML Prague 10-12 February Prague Felix. Presented ITS 2.0 plans to XML community. Gathered implementation interest from XML (data base etc.) developers. XML Community
E WP3 face-to-face meeting 20 (starting noon) -21 (full day) February Frankfurt Hosted by Cocomore - everybody can attend. Remote participation possible too. Preferred dial in time: 21 February, 2-4 p.m. CET Everybody
E MLW F2F 14 March Luxembourg Everybody Holistic
E MLW-LT F2F 13-14 March (1/2 day overlap with MLW F2F) Luxembourg Everybody Holistic
E MLW workshop 15-16 March Luxembourg Everybody
(Dave Lewis presented MLW-LT and with Arle Lommel facilitated a breakout session on MLW-LT requirements)
MLW community
E DrupalCon Denver 20-23 March Denver, CO Carina CMS
E Gala Conference 26-28 March Monaco Pedro Language industry
E WWW Conf 16-x April Lyon Dave Lewis (contribution broadly on The Multilingual Web written by David Filip and Felix) - slides and paper Web community (approx 40 attendees)
E W3C AC Meeting 13-15 May Sophia Antipolis, France Felix, DavidF, potential others as W3C representative from your organisation Web industry
E LREC 21-27 May Istanbul Many of us. Paper on lnked data, localisation and language technology -
E EAMT 28-30 May Trento, Italy Declan? MT community
E TAUS Round table 30 May - 1 June Paris Dag Language industry
E LocWorld 4-6 June Paris Localization
E Our MultilingualWeb-LT 1st workshop 11-13 June Dublin, Ireland Everybody Stakeholders from various communities
E META-FORUM 20-21 June Brussel Felix LT community at large
E TC 37 24-29 June Madrid Pedro will attend ISO/DCR meeting; Arle (probably) TBX meeting; MLW-LT will sponsord the reception, and a 5-10 minutes presentation/invitation to collaborate ISO LT standardization (TC37 people)
E Drupal Con 20-23 August Moritz CMS
E LRC XVII Conference 19- 21 September Limerick, Ireland Reinhard Social Localisation, L10N community
E F2F meeting (all) 25-26 September Prague Jirka All Working Group participants, meeting is open for others
E MLW-LT event (not a regular W3C / MLW workshop) with many MLW-LT participants and stakeholders from localization industry 16-19 October Seattle Holistic
E AMTA 24-27 October San Diego ??? MT community
E/M W3C TPAC (all) Our meeting: 1 - 2 November Lyon Everybody. Milestone goal: gather implementation experiences, decide steps for implementation finalization, set further milestones. Web community
M MLW-LT f2f 23-24 January Prague Everybody. Milestone goal: last touches for reaching Milestone M3 MLW community
E XML Prague 2013 8 February Prague developers Friday Jirka, Felix, ???. Goal: gather concrete implementation commitments from XML folks XML community
M/E MLW workshop 12-13 March Rome Everybody. Milestone goal: reach Milestone M4. MLW community
E GALA Conference 17-20 March Miami Pedro-Arle-Daniel-Pablo Badia > paper #36 - Applying ITS 2.0 to Online MT Systems in HTML5 (MLW-LT W3C)was selected for Phase 2 >> Final acceptance by end of Nov
(proposal deadline was 14 September 2012)
Localization community
M MLW-LT f2f 7-8 May Bled Everybody. MLW community
E WWW Conference 13-17 May Rio ??? (submission deadline: Nov-28) Web community
E Localization World 12-14 June London ??? Localization community
M MLW-LT f2f July (dates tbc) Madrid Everybody. MLW community
E+M LRC XVIII Conference + f2f September(?) Limerick ??? Localization community
E MT Summit user track September Nice Ankit MT community
E Localization World 2 9-11 October Silicon Valley ??? Localization community
E Drupal conferences tbc tbc Cocomore guys? Drupal community