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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Adjust the WP plan for WP 5 Declan Groves 2012-03-16 Implementation: Deep Web Information and MT Training
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Add times to luxembourg agenda Felix Sasaki 2012-03-16
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Check excel upload in the w3c side Felix Sasaki 2012-03-16
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Trigger the discussion with Yves on the public mailing list and or a regular call about Yves's issue Moritz Hellwig 2012-03-16 cms-low-level-api
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Dance like a monkey Felix Sasaki 2012-03-20
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Set telephone conference times in W3C, send info to the member list Felix Sasaki 2012-03-20
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Create an issue about the name of the standard Felix Sasaki 2012-03-20
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Discuss Kimmo about second workshop and inform David F. about the results Felix Sasaki 2012-03-20
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Update the meeting agenda Felix Sasaki 2012-03-20
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Start discussion on "Annotate source and target web content for caching purposes" requirement Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-03-21 cache
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Start discussion on "Annotate structure of the source web content for web structural text units identification" requirement Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Elaborate [3.3] Annotate source for driving the workflow of localization chain (new) and [3.4] Annotate source and target web content for caching purposes (new) Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Update action item(s) to be without section numbers Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Pedro to address cache and MT disambiguation with Arle Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-04-04 cache
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Check about numbering of section in the wiki content with w3c systems team Dominic Jones 2012-04-04 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Fix action item handling with dave and David Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Add section on confidence score on NLP (e.g. TA and MT) component output David Lewis 2012-03-30 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Liaise with Arle to provide input on Annotate source web components with source QA requirement David Filip 2012-03-30 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Elaborate support annotation of grouping of CMS documents or CCMS components Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Gather CMS user and developer perspective requirements from MLW-LT, including from drupal con Moritz Hellwig 2012-04-05 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Work with Dominic, Felix and David F to prepare input for publishing draft on 28th March David Lewis 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Complete final formatting and sanity check before publishing as a Technical Report Felix Sasaki 2012-05-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Work with Ryan King to to elaborate on need for prioirty tagging of source content Jan Nelson 2012-04-06 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Write a mail about publication schedule for requirements draft Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Check IRC access Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Follow up on whether scripting content is in scope Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21 scripting-content
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Clarify the document structure to differentiate normative and non normative issues related to each data category Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Summarise issues around impementation of data categories at the CMS level. Put in a separate informative wiki page David Lewis 2012-03-30 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Advance discussion on the naming of the meta-data standards Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Maintain mapping on wiki between requirements document and the data categoeis in the standard David Lewis 2012-03-30 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Clarify definition of implementations as consumers and producers as basis to defining the requirements for testing two implementations David Lewis 2012-03-21 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Štajner to clarify the (non) need to aprse RDF, but the need to parse RDFa and microdata parsing Tadej Štajner 2012-04-03 microdata-mapping
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Ensure publication of first draft meta-data document -due 31/5/2012 Felix Sasaki 2012-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Move locworld seattle event forward David Filip 2012-08-29 Community Involvement
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Come back to mlw + mlw-lt folks about pc work Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Ongoing social media outreach of mlw Felix Sasaki 2013-03-01
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Follow up with workshop planning Felix Sasaki 2012-03-21
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Delete this action David Filip 2012-04-05
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Establish where the questionnaire responses are stored David Lewis 2012-04-05
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Contact GALA about distributing the req questionnaire to all GALA members Arle Lommel 2012-04-05
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Distributed link through XLIFF TPC Yves Savourel 2012-04-05 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Provide some input on the scripting issue Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-04-05 scripting-content
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Add page on wiki on Scribe 101 / simple commands for scribe Dominic Jones 2012-04-13
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Contact Moritz regarding action 20 Arle Lommel 2012-04-13
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Pick back up action 23 David Lewis 2012-04-13
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Merge current QA categories Arle Lommel 2012-04-13 quality-data-category-forming
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Add couple of columns on req table, 1) Producing process 2) consuming process. David Lewis 2012-04-13
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Assign claim ownership of data categories. Arle Lommel 2012-04-17
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Talk to R12a on best practices for internationalisation and contributions WG can make to this. David Lewis 2012-04-13
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Explain process triggers in more detail Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-04-13 process-trigger
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Contact individuals on interoperability now Arle Lommel 2012-04-19
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Contact Alchemy / Enda David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Contact Brian S on Dublin Workshop / provide official invitation Yves Savourel 2012-04-19
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Contact uaconference make them aware of MLW-LT LOD workshop David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Contact Helena Chapman at IBM Arle Lommel 2012-04-19
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Contact Helena Chapman at IBM Arle Lommel 2012-04-19
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Email Chris Went at MS David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Contact Declan Groves wrt MT contacts David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Contact last attendees for the LISA summit Arle Lommel 2012-04-19
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Take an action to look at budget for Workshop in terms of money avaliable David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-61 (edit) closed How to add actions to all users Dominic Jones 2012-04-19
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Send an email to the list asking all members to review mapping of processes onto data categories google doc spreadsheet David Lewis 2012-05-11 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Start discussion about the naming of the meta-data standard. David Lewis 2012-04-19
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Discuss with pedro about providing feedback to best-practices group David Lewis 2012-05-08 scripting-content
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Document in requirements doc definitions of create, transform, passthrough etc Arle Lommel 2012-04-27
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Pick up questionnaire content and present in tabular form. Are input addressed by data cats? David Lewis 2012-04-27
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Produce initial table which takes data cats and ranks by difficulty based on current allocations and rank by interest of WG members David Lewis 2012-05-04
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Identify and apply naming to different tools (content editor, CAT tool, review tool) produce common terminology for use in our work David Lewis 2012-05-23
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Contact India-based WG members to check with timing of meetings Arle Lommel 2012-04-27
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Compose email summarizing current ULI, XLIFF, and W3C discussions on joiner / non-joiner character pair proposal by ULI (Arle)) David Filip 2012-05-10 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Make sure ACTION-70 is included in requirements document / working group requirements doc David Lewis 2012-05-03
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Discuss and circulate email on consolidations. David Lewis 2012-05-03
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Add real time translation into end to end use case David Lewis 2012-05-17 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Check ITS 1.0 future work is included in the req document David Lewis 2012-05-03
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Post mandate between XLIFF TC and MLW-LT to public list David Filip 2012-05-03
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Check consistent use of ITS 2.0 on wiki documents David Lewis 2012-05-20 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Ensure consistent branding of ITS 2.0 on WG web site Felix Sasaki 2012-05-15
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Consider consolidation of localeSpecificContent and droprule David Lewis 2012-05-04 lang-locale
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Consider consolidation of status-related data categories and process trigger David Lewis 2012-05-07 process-trigger
ACTION-80 (edit) closed consider consolidation of mtDisambiguationData, namedEntity, terminology and textAnalyticsAnnotation Tadej Štajner 2012-05-11 metadata-value-types
ACTION-81 (edit) closed consider consolidation of author, revisionAgent and translationAgent David Lewis 2012-05-17 Provenance
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Add an implementation committment column to the table and ask people to populate it David Lewis 2012-05-11
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Update new teleconference time Felix Sasaki 2012-05-17
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Create list of scribes Felix Sasaki 2012-05-29
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Provide example of cache data category Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-05-17 cache
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Put cache data category back to requirements David Lewis 2012-05-17 cache
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Summarize discussion about categories Felix Sasaki 2012-05-17 create-domain_and-delete-genre-purpose-register
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Edit requirements doc so consistently use BCP47/UCT35 Felix Sasaki 2012-05-17 lang-locale
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Summarize the xpath proposal to the list and shaun Jirka Kosek 2012-05-17 XPath Version / query language attribute
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Check missing issues David Lewis 2012-05-31 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Follow up on invited experts (Shaun McCaune + Olaf-Michael Stefanov) Felix Sasaki 2012-05-24
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Remind Jirka to summarize David Lewis 2012-05-24
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Contact Moritz on API progress David Lewis 2012-05-24 cms-low-level-api
ACTION-94 (edit) closed go and find examples of concept ontology (semantic features of terms as opposed to domain type ontologies) Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-05-28 metadata-value-types
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Delete categories from ACTION-80 unless real world examples are provided Tadej Štajner 2012-05-31
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Initiate closing of Issue-3 Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-05-31 Implementation: Deep Web Information and MT Training
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Sort out Issue 23 Moritz Hellwig 2012-06-07 removal-archiving-reintegration-section
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Create proposal for ITS variables, Issue 16 Yves Savourel 2012-06-07 parameter-for-rules
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Clarify Issue 14 Felix Sasaki 2012-06-07
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Summarize the Issue 15 target pointer Yves Savourel 2012-06-07 target-pointer
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Update requirements document on cache category David Lewis 2012-06-07 cache
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Summarize Issue 20 for closing Jirka Kosek 2012-06-07
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Set the scene for Dublin discussion of Issue 22 David Lewis 2012-06-07 MLW-LT Requirements Document
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Summarize XLIFF discussion on segmentatiion marker Yves Savourel 2012-06-07 Segmentation Markup
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Work more on issue 12 and bring it in context with ULI work Arle Lommel 2012-06-07
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Update ITS namespace document Felix Sasaki 2012-07-01 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Flesh out locale proposal Shaun McCance 2012-07-05 lang-locale
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Update the automaticProcessingRule proposal with today's discussion Yves Savourel 2012-06-20
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for mtConfidence within two weeks. David Filip 2012-06-20
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Have Giuseppe to flesh out specialRequirements. Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-06-20 special-requirements
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Publish draft with final list of categories in July. Felix Sasaki 2012-07-19
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Interface with Pedro on presentation to TC37 by June 20. Arle Lommel 2012-06-20
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Dave to conclude quality discussion with Arle, including examples from existing implementation in CMS-LION David Lewis 2012-07-15 quality-data-category-forming
ACTION-114 (edit) closed felix to check whether we can use META-SHARE for identifying resources to be used in disambiguation Felix Sasaki 2012-06-22
ACTION-115 (edit) closed felix to come up with example of SOA related presentation of metadata capabilities for des' requirement Felix Sasaki 2012-06-22
ACTION-116 (edit) closed felix to come up with example of SOA related presentation of metadata capabilities for des' requirement Felix Sasaki 2012-06-22
ACTION-117 (edit) closed felix to follow up on bcp 47 "t" guidance in i18n core working group Felix Sasaki 2012-06-22
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Felix to work on charter clarification Felix Sasaki 2012-06-29
ACTION-119 (edit) closed felix to write a mail to XLIFF tc Felix Sasaki 2012-06-20
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Jirka to make a clarification in the req draft about previous versions of HTML Jirka Kosek 2012-06-22 html-legacy-content
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Jirka to summarize usage of Ruby in DocBook Jirka Kosek 2012-06-22 html-legacy-content
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Maxime to lead discussion on RDF serialization in ITS, with "task force" people - Sebastian, Maxime, Dave, ... Maxime Lefrançois 2012-06-22 its-term-change-proposal
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Moritz, dave and others to look into process areas Moritz Hellwig 2012-06-22 process-state
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Tadej to create a summary of implementation status of Terminology Metadata Generation Tadej Štajner 2012-06-22 dublin-core-existing-metadata-fields
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Arle to interface with Pedro on presentation to TC37 Arle Lommel 2012-06-20
ACTION-126 (edit) closed David to come up with a proposal for mtConfidence David Filip 2012-07-19 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Des to write example for how to deal with invalid cache Des Oates 2012-06-22 cache
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Felix to Draft email to XLIFF committee about improving extensibility Felix Sasaki 2012-06-15
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Felix to publish draft with final list of categories Felix Sasaki 2012-07-31
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Felix to Summarize discussion around Domain Felix Sasaki 2012-06-29 create-domain_and-delete-genre-purpose-register
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Giuseppe to flesh out specialRequirements Giuseppe Deriard 2012-06-22 special-requirements
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Item to Felix to check with W3c on status of the Provenance group to manage the dependency risk Felix Sasaki 2012-06-29 Provenance
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Item to Felix to folow up on usage of BCP 47 Felix Sasaki 2012-06-29 lang-locale
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Jirka to arrange F2F meeting in September at UEP Jirka Kosek 2012-07-28
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Pedro to have Giuseppe to flesh out specialRequirements Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-06-22 special-requirements
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Shaun to flesh out locale proposal Shaun McCance 2012-06-22 lang-locale
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Tadej to write proposal how mapping between NIF and HTML+ITS would look like with concrete examples Tadej Štajner 2012-06-22 its-and-rdf
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Yves to update the automaticProcessingRule proposal with discussion on 13th June Dublin Workshop Yves Savourel 2012-06-22
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Check options for test suite design David Lewis 2012-09-06 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Check that all actions were recorded during the meeting last week Arle Lommel 2012-06-28
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Table in a staging wiki page to notify current state of all data categories in terms of consensus and impl comitments. David Lewis 2012-06-28
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Prepare publication of draft Felix Sasaki 2012-06-28 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Make text proposal for local elements within text Felix Sasaki 2012-07-03 local-within-text
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Update domain proposal and put it into the draft Felix Sasaki 2012-07-03 create-domain_and-delete-genre-purpose-register
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Think about a round tripping test suite data package David Lewis 2012-09-06 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Write something for option b) of rdf conversion Maxime Lefrançois 2012-07-05 its-and-rdf
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Write something for option a) of rdf conversion, plus XSLT Felix Sasaki 2012-07-05 its-and-rdf
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Use the standard output XML files and the already written RDF vocabulary to draft a XML->RDF/XML XSLT stylesheet Maxime Lefrançois 2012-07-05
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Implement resolution for ruby in the spec Jirka Kosek 2012-09-01 ruby-model
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Update examples in the spec with version "2.0" attribute, and add optional query language attribute Felix Sasaki 2012-08-23 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Check existing quality related work in checkmate and interoperability now and refer to it from proposal for quality data category Arle Lommel 2012-08-02 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Find out about LSP requirements for ISO/TS 11669 values in ITS 2.0 Arle Lommel 2012-07-19
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Work on targetPointer Yves Savourel 2012-07-12 target-pointer
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Look into ISSUE-26 post editing data categories David Lewis 2012-07-12 post-editing-related-datacats
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Work on parameters Yves Savourel 2012-07-12 parameter-for-rules
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Create page for july availability Felix Sasaki 2012-07-12
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Put Shuan text about external resource in ODD file Felix Sasaki 2012-07-12
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Add the idValue to ODD Yves Savourel 2012-08-06 id value rules
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Make examples how length restriction could work in schematron or in xsd Felix Sasaki 2012-07-12
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Summarise this to giussepe? Yves Savourel 2012-07-12 special-requirements
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Talk to shaun about BCP47 compatibility Felix Sasaki 2012-07-12
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Present a readiness related partial showcase in september f2f, to see what is ready for standardization or what will be a best practice Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-09-01 process-trigger
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Write an example of "string as URI" for domain Felix Sasaki 2012-07-12 create-domain_and-delete-genre-purpose-register
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Create an RDF ontology for ITS, and make sure that we update the ITS XSD to accomodate the RDF output created via ACTION-147 Maxime Lefrançois 2012-10-17 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Find volunteers to implement the comments on ITS 2.0 draft at Felix Sasaki 2012-07-17 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Find volunteers for text proposal / edits in ITS 2.0 draft and example document Felix Sasaki 2012-07-17 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Contact Jan and Kevin at Microsoft to see what their use or regex is and whether it overlaps with what we do. Yves Savourel 2012-07-19 special-requirements
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Follow up on quality and compatibility with XLIFF, checkmate, and Interoperability Now. Arle Lommel 2012-08-15 quality-data-category-forming
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Summarize the reference discussion in a mail. Yves Savourel 2012-07-19 xliff-and-reference-instead-of-inline-markup
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Add Olaf-Michael to regrets. David Lewis 2012-07-26
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Verify what HTML5 and links refers to. Arle Lommel 2012-07-26
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Add examples by tomorrow. Shaun McCance 2012-07-26
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Update group on current status of idValue. Jirka Kosek 2012-07-26
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Discuss with Arle and Dave about current document status on Monday. Felix Sasaki 2012-07-26
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Contact Jirka before Monday for update on his actions. David Lewis 2012-07-26
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Get targetPointer text from Yves and add to spec. Arle Lommel 2012-07-26 target-pointer
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Draft text for preserve space Shaun McCance 2012-07-26
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Start discussion about Prague meeting and put on agenda by next week. David Lewis 2012-07-26
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Work with Olaf-Michael to help draft blurb for international organizations. David Lewis 2012-10-30
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Add HTML5 examples to the spec Felix Sasaki 2012-08-23
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Integrate feedback about (named) entity / disambiguation Tadej Štajner 2012-08-02
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Publish update to working draft next week Felix Sasaki 2012-08-02
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Integrate parameters for rules and target pointer into the spec Felix Sasaki 2012-08-02
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Prepare a place for BP material Felix Sasaki 2012-08-02
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Prepare agenda draft for prague Felix Sasaki 2012-08-02
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Go throug draft and make it more "HTML5 reader friendly" Felix Sasaki 2012-08-23
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Edit HTML5 / XPath usage related parts of spec Jirka Kosek 2012-08-09 XPath Version / query language attribute
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Make query language attribute related edits Jirka Kosek 2012-08-09 XPath Version / query language attribute
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Split special requirements into several data categories Michael Kruppa 2012-08-09 special-requirements
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Draft a section about mtConfidence, based on the discussion David Filip 2012-08-09
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Promote seattle event on mlw setup Felix Sasaki 2012-08-09
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Freeze the number of information items in quality, with the reservation that some items might move to other areas Arle Lommel 2012-08-16
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Create an HTML5 example of the externalized markup within a single file. Felix Sasaki 2012-08-16
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Work on issue-42, provide examples and template for various data categories Felix Sasaki 2012-08-16
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Produce next draft of mtConfidence. Declan Groves 2012-08-16
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Make inheritance - overriding etc. clearer in the spec Felix Sasaki 2012-08-20
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Create NIF conversion test cases Felix Sasaki 2012-10-15
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Fix html5 output before spec publication Felix Sasaki 2012-08-30
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Folow up with W3C management on the approach Felix Sasaki 2012-08-30
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Create a new column for HTML5 in the above table Felix Sasaki 2012-08-30
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Produce a strawman how to deal with mtConfidence using the general translation agent David Lewis 2012-08-30
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Publish next draft by next thursday, with the edits described above Felix Sasaki 2012-08-30
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Update publication pipeline so that it processes html5 files in html5 serialization Felix Sasaki 2012-09-05
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Update ITS schemas Jirka Kosek 2012-11-30
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Liaise with maximie to complete this when time permits Felix Sasaki 2012-09-06
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Follow up on demo commitments at prague under objectives on pargue agenda page Felix Sasaki 2012-09-06
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Get some feedback on test suite input and output from HTML WG Felix Sasaki 2012-09-06
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Add an option to quality precis draft supporting voting ranges Yves Savourel 2012-09-06
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Review readability and make proposals to improve readability to non-localisation people Tadej Štajner 2012-09-06
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Review diambiguation from the point of view of readability David Lewis 2012-09-06
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Review quality precis for readability from non-localisation viewpoint Michael Kruppa 2012-09-06
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Call David to advance the transagent and mtconfirdence score harmonisation David Lewis 2012-09-06
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Send info about time change proposal to the list Felix Sasaki 2012-09-06
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Add allowed characters and stroage size to specification Yves Savourel 2012-09-07
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Generate a sample of testing involving XLIFF David Filip 2013-02-04 ITS Representation in XLIFF
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Move this material to the ITS IG wiki and remove the issue Felix Sasaki 2012-09-20
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Propose solution for recording soragesize count behaviour for line breaks Yves Savourel 2012-09-20
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Provide some HMTL and revised XML example for introductor section, referencing comments from Dave and Aaron, but based on real use expereince Shaun McCance 2012-10-05
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Write up and close issue-47 Felix Sasaki 2012-09-20
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Draft section about using its-* and its: in XHTML Jirka Kosek 2012-10-23
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Summarize discussion about overriding Felix Sasaki 2012-09-27
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Add section 1.3.5 on usage wby localisation workflow managers David Filip 2012-10-02 editorial-review-sec-1
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Provide section on text analytics Tadej Štajner 2012-10-02
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Provide a section of MT service provider as user Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-10-02
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Update disambiguation to chanrge name of target type and to remove level value prefix Tadej Štajner 2012-10-02
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Come back to keyword mapping issue in domain Felix Sasaki 2012-10-02
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Move provenance forward (off-line discussion at prague f2f) Phil Ritchie 2012-10-09
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Check what to do with directionality and ruby Felix Sasaki 2012-10-03 Dir in HTML5
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Circulate table for testing and everybody to fill in by friday next week , that is 4. October Dominic Jones 2012-10-04
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Put test suite on github Leroy Finn 2012-10-03 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Create tests for its:param Leroy Finn 2012-10-10
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Create a list of canonical data category names Shaun McCance 2012-10-03
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Update quality issue example to use the solution (XML in "script" tag) for standoff markup Felix Sasaki 2012-10-03
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Document the tool info Yves Savourel 2012-10-03 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Talk to phil about impact on quality and provenance David Lewis 2012-10-03
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Consider tool reference proposal at for text analysis Tadej Štajner 2012-10-03
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Check if we can have two and half days to have an implementors meeting include since we missed it today Felix Sasaki 2012-10-03
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Make sure that the beginning of the lyon meeting is reserved for developers Felix Sasaki 2012-10-30
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Complete action 225 based on input from tadej Arle Lommel 2012-10-08
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Apply its tool to proveance agents Phil Ritchie 2012-10-08
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Apply its tool to mt confidence Declan Groves 2012-10-08
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Apply its tool to quality data catefories Phil Ritchie 2012-10-08
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Apply its tool to disambiguation Tadej Štajner 2012-10-08
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Split the issue of pointers from the issue of too many poor global rules as suggested by Yves Felix Sasaki 2012-10-08
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Circulate editorial sequence for sections in editors' meeting Arle Lommel 2012-10-08
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Coordinate with Phil and send new draft to the list by Thursday David Lewis 2012-10-15
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Put the provenance draft in spec before Seattle Felix Sasaki 2012-10-15
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Put the Localization Implementer case in draft by end of the week Felix Sasaki 2012-10-19
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Add the Domain algorithm in draft asap Yves Savourel 2012-10-15
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Make sure that the its20 draft says the right thing in sec. 1.1.1 about direcitonality and ruby - if we make them non-backward compatibly Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-251 (edit) closed make the necessary steps for the mime type section during last call mentioned at Felix Sasaki 2013-06-30 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Follow up with XLIFF mapping call time David Filip 2012-10-29 ITS Representation in XLIFF
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Confirm HTML5 session time(s) with Felix David Lewis 2012-10-29
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Edit usages URI to IRI Jirka Kosek 2012-10-29
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Determine and correct wording for ISSUE-34 Yves Savourel 2012-10-29
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Compile and circulate itsTool examples togehter with proposal text David Lewis 2012-10-29
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Propose extensible of note to support ITS type to XLIFF TC David Filip 2012-11-16
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Ask XLIFF TC what best practice of mapping ITS into a namespace in XLIFF Yves Savourel 2012-11-02
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Review names of new attributes for XLIFF<->ITS mapping to ensure understandability and consistency David Filip 2012-11-02 ITS Representation in XLIFF
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Raise need to standoff markup for diambiguation in its to support multiple annotations in ITS David Lewis 2012-11-02
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Follow-up on discussion about regular expression for allowed characters, see Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-262 (edit) closed write note about allowed characters issue with help from Mauricio and karl Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-11-08
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Summarize the options and the recommendations related to HTML parsing workflow in the CMS, see discussion at David Filip 2012-11-19 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Follow up on domain list topic with DCU Ankit Srivastava 2012-11-08
ACTION-265 (edit) closed React to decision on extensibility for mrk in XLIFF and the result for our "pointer" attributes David Lewis 2012-11-19
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Edit disambig example Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Try to simplify disambiguation globally Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Make sure that schedule for test suite and schema update discussed at is taken into account Dominic Jones 2012-11-08
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Check with Phil what his preference was between quality issue locally with inline and script-based stand off David Lewis 2012-11-08
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Ask phil and des and arle about need and implementation committment for localization precis during next call Felix Sasaki 2012-11-08
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Add a step regarding the lowercasing of the domain data category Yves Savourel 2012-11-08
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Make sure that css selectors are marked as feature at risk in the draft, and explain the rational in a mail Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Discuss casing issue with Lucy Software Pablo Nieto Caride 2012-11-09
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Send info about call time Felix Sasaki 2012-11-09
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Summarized "one container name" proposal again Yves Savourel 2012-11-09
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Send XLIFF 2.0 spec to Richard David Filip 2012-11-09
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Color-code cells in Mappings table dependent on unstable ITS categories or in XLIFF David Filip 2013-02-14 ITS Representation in XLIFF
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Confirm November 20, 27 and 28 as virtual session dates David Lewis 2012-11-12
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Open doodle poll for Madrid dates (end June - beginning July) David Lewis 2012-11-12
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Edit the spec to unique standoff markup Yves Savourel 2012-11-12
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Ask for use cases of data category-specific confidence scores David Lewis 2012-11-19
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Change "relative XPath location paths" to "relative or absolute location paths" Felix Sasaki 2012-11-13
ACTION-283 (edit) closed To integrate dave's email about standoff mechanism for provenance into spec Felix Sasaki 2012-11-14
ACTION-284 (edit) closed ITS2NIF edits Felix Sasaki 2012-11-18
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Update the wiki with 2013 planning Felix Sasaki 2012-11-19
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Put data category table into non-normative appendix in the spec Shaun McCance 2012-11-19
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Edit mtconfidence using the attachment at as the new draft of the section Arle Lommel 2012-11-19
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Check xpath epxressions in mtconfidence draft, after arle's edits Felix Sasaki 2012-11-20
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Make action items for data category owners about global rules Felix Sasaki 2012-11-19
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Update spec with regards to proveance, using daveL's upcoming input Felix Sasaki 2012-11-19
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in disambiguation Tadej Štajner 2012-11-19
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in domain Ankit Srivastava 2012-11-19
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in provenance Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-11-19
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in localisation quality issue Yves Savourel 2012-11-19
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in localisation quality precis Des Oates 2012-11-19
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Check global rules examples in mt confidence David Filip 2012-11-19
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Address Query Language related Ed notes in draft Jirka Kosek 2012-11-21
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Edit 101 mail into spec Felix Sasaki 2012-11-26
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Update confidence scores input Felix Sasaki 2012-11-26
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Put 120 mail to provenance into the draft Felix Sasaki 2012-11-26
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Edit tool information into the draft Felix Sasaki 2012-11-26
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Edit the 0034 mail about allowed characters Arle Lommel 2012-11-26
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Remove pointer attributes from locquality issues as per 0103 mail Yves Savourel 2012-11-26
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Provide a note on this use of disambiguation with support from jorge David Lewis 2012-11-26
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Check edits in item 6-12 and in mail David Lewis 2012-11-26
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Check example directories for files not used Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Check about having editorial notes in last call draft, e.g. the xml schema and schematron related notes Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-308 (edit) closed update ponter list in sec. Felix Sasaki 2012-11-29
ACTION-309 (edit) closed pick up disambiguation granuliartiy best practices topic later David Lewis 2013-01-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Go through the document and check data category naming (capital first letter plus hyperlink) David Lewis 2013-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Check with group about harmonization of interval values - mtconfidence, disambiguation, locquality issue, loc precis David Filip 2012-11-27 tool-and-confidence-related-information
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Come up with a list of data category identifiers for the tool annoation section Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Check data category overview table in sec. 6.1 Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Check global rules for provenance Yves Savourel 2012-11-27
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Rework to use XLIFF David Lewis 2012-11-27
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Tweak list of global provenance attributes - e.g. "A provenanceRecordsRefPointer attribute that contains a relative selector pointing to a node with the exact same semantics as provenanceRecordsRef." Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Make sure that we talk in sec. 7.3 about inline standoff markup as well Felix Sasaki 2012-11-27
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Nudge data category ownser to contribute to test suite Felix Sasaki 2012-12-03
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Nudge data category owners asking for test suite contributions by the end of the year Felix Sasaki 2012-12-17
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Work on lq precis to see if we can keep it in the spec Phil Ritchie 2012-12-03
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Take over shauns action itemt on data category table Felix Sasaki 2012-12-03
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Make sure next call we discuss poiner issues for proveancne and toolsRef Felix Sasaki 2012-12-03
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Check edits at David Lewis 2012-12-03
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Create template for report Arle Lommel 2012-12-04
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Take for the ITS 2.0 schema into account Jirka Kosek 2012-12-04
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Update list or IRI attributes at Felix Sasaki 2012-12-04
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Go through document and replace HTML5 > HTML Jirka Kosek 2012-12-04
ACTION-328 (edit) closed create example with rules element as root element in sec. 5.4 Felix Sasaki 2012-12-15
ACTION-329 (edit) closed come up with running list of MUST statements for testing Felix Sasaki 2012-12-15
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Move data category identifiers to table in 8.1 Position, Defaults, Inheritance and Overriding of Data Categories Felix Sasaki 2012-12-04
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Create xhtml example for 7 Using ITS Markup in XHTML Karl Fritsche 2012-12-04
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Check automatic validation of examples via normative RELAX NG schema Felix Sasaki 2012-12-20
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Check if the tables in the draft can get a caption and numbering (might need change to odd and xslt) Shaun McCance 2013-04-15
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Check consistency of use of quote and val Yves Savourel 2013-01-07
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Run examples through ITS schema validator Jirka Kosek 2012-12-05
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Check up on concensus on not using confidence on term global David Lewis 2012-12-03
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Check with marcis to confirm that the current local (but not global) is supported - as this is not clear from discussion David Lewis 2012-12-03
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Add globally the disambigsource attribute Yves Savourel 2012-12-03
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Check with flix about provRef now only having one IRI rather than a list of them David Lewis 2012-12-05
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Check examples found by relax ng validation Felix Sasaki 2012-12-06
ACTION-341 (edit) closed check syntax highlighting of html examples with focus on quotes Jirka Kosek 2013-04-01
ACTION-342 (edit) closed create mt confidence score example as described in David Lewis 2013-01-07
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Check with yves whether locQualityRatingScore should be between 0 and 1 or 0 and 100 Felix Sasaki 2012-12-06
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Write mail today to tadej to confirm position of disambigSourcePointer in global rules Felix Sasaki 2012-12-03
ACTION-345 (edit) closed provide "status of this document" section before last call Felix Sasaki 2012-12-03
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 3.1 Clemens Weins 2012-12-20 Implementation: Localization Chain Integration
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 3.2 Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-12-20 Implementation: Localization Chain Integration
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 2.1 David Lewis 2012-12-20
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 2.3 Leroy Finn 2012-12-20 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-350 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 4.1 and 4.2 Pedro Luis Díez Orzas 2012-12-20 Implementation: Online MT Systems
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 4.3 David Filip 2012-12-20 ITS Representation in XLIFF
ACTION-352 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 5.1 Clemens Weins 2012-12-20 Implementation: Deep Web Information and MT Training
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Prepare status report on Task 5.2 Declan Groves 2012-12-20 Implementation: Deep Web Information and MT Training
ACTION-354 (edit) closed provide input about wp1 Felix Sasaki 2012-12-20
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Update casing in disambiguation. Felix Sasaki 2012-12-10
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Draft non-normative definition of "annotation" Christian Lieske 2013-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-357 (edit) closed Prepare last call publication. Felix Sasaki 2012-12-10
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Work on Localization Professionals announcement draft Felix Sasaki 2012-12-10
ACTION-359 (edit) closed Prepare localization professionals linked in mail draft Felix Sasaki 2012-12-10
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Confirm page restrictions in report with Kimmo. Felix Sasaki 2012-12-20
ACTION-361 (edit) closed Confirm dates for financial updates Felix Sasaki 2012-12-20
ACTION-362 (edit) closed Clarify VistTEC status for annual report. Felix Sasaki 2012-12-10
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Tweak the text for business audience David Filip 2012-12-17
ACTION-364 (edit) closed Nudge serge to send text about last call announcement to arle Arle Lommel 2012-12-17
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Send typos etc. about sec 1-2 etc. to the comments list Naoto Nishio 2012-12-17
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Compile comments on sections 1 and 2 along with Christians comments and to send to comment list Naoto Nishio 2012-12-17
ACTION-367 (edit) closed Look into Naoto's edits, Christian's edits, and other feedback we got, e.g. from Aaron Felix Sasaki 2012-12-17
ACTION-368 (edit) closed Look into christian's edits and into the other feedback on sec 1-2 we got so far Felix Sasaki 2012-12-17
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Look into christian's edits and into the other feedback on sec 1-2 we got so far Felix Sasaki 2012-12-17
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Downsize the table Felix Sasaki 2012-12-17
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Dispose of quality related rows in the table at Arle Lommel 2012-12-19
ACTION-372 (edit) closed Dispose of quality issues related rows in the table at Phil Ritchie 2012-12-19
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Provide online diff service so posted output can be checked Leroy Finn 2013-01-07
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Distribute action items to define these tests and to provide guideance of how to formulate these tests against rcf2119 table Felix Sasaki 2013-01-07
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Raise issue-63 again in the 7th jan call Felix Sasaki 2013-01-07
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Pull this material on best practice together onto wiki for people to comment on Felix Sasaki 2013-01-07 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-377 (edit) closed provide rewrite of section 1 and 2, taking editoral comments in issue-61 into account Christian Lieske 2013-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-378 (edit) closed provide an example for clarified "uncategorized" quality issue type value, see 2) at and issue-60 Arle Lommel 2013-01-31 ISSUE-60
ACTION-379 (edit) closed provide an update of the mapping "quality issue type values to existing tool values", see 3) at and issue-60 Arle Lommel 2013-04-19 ISSUE-60
ACTION-380 (edit) closed come back to bp suggestions at Felix Sasaki 2013-01-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-381 (edit) closed Come back to "relation between data categories" examples mentioned at David Lewis 2013-01-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-382 (edit) closed Propose notes for the version location change Yves Savourel 2013-01-14
ACTION-383 (edit) closed Give heads up to W3C about the possible change Felix Sasaki 2013-01-22
ACTION-384 (edit) closed Make agenda proposal for Prague meeting about the XML prague day Felix Sasaki 2013-01-14
ACTION-385 (edit) closed Work on regex for validating regex subset proposal Pablo Nieto Caride 2013-04-05 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Contact original commenter and see whether Yves additions to comment are what was meant there David Lewis 2013-01-28
ACTION-387 (edit) closed Contact original commenter about real need of timestamp David Lewis 2013-01-28
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Come back to chase and kevin about discussion of issue-71 David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Change example if the agree on issue-71 , see discussion at David Lewis 2013-01-30 ISSUE-71
ACTION-390 (edit) closed Check tan examples and test suite with regards to presence of annotatorsRef Tadej Štajner 2013-01-30
ACTION-391 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-77 Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-392 (edit) closed Make the edit for issue-76 Arle Lommel 2013-01-30 ISSUE-76
ACTION-393 (edit) closed Go back to richard about new resolution for issue-79 David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-394 (edit) closed Add links to examples for issue-80 Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 ISSUE-80
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Check what of lang and xml;lang takes precedence Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30
ACTION-396 (edit) closed Create example for xml;lang / lang Ankit Srivastava 2013-01-30
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Enter the new text for 97 (above) Yves Savourel 2013-01-30
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Answer Richard to indicate we'll address this with a rule file in BP Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 term vs. dfn
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Draft non-normative section clarifying relations to HTML for issue-89 Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 HTML5 in ITS
ACTION-400 (edit) closed Edit the specification for Language (MUST missing, etc.) Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30
ACTION-401 (edit) closed Reply to Richard David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Fix text and algo for domain case mapping Yves Savourel 2013-01-30
ACTION-403 (edit) closed Check availability of Berlin on 17–18 June for face-to-face meeting. Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30
ACTION-404 (edit) closed Check availability in Dublin for face-to-face meeting on 17–18 June. David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-405 (edit) closed Follow up on tekom as an option. Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30
ACTION-406 (edit) closed Resize templates for posters from A1 to A0. Arle Lommel 2013-01-30
ACTION-407 (edit) closed Check for clarification on Issue-88 Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 quote vs cite
ACTION-408 (edit) closed Ensure that there is no MUST in any notes. Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 commitment issues
ACTION-409 (edit) closed Follow up with Richard and Norbert on issue-92 and issue-103. Yves Savourel 2013-01-30
ACTION-410 (edit) closed Write to Henry on issue-93 and make the change in the text. Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Change localization quality, localization rating, mt confidence, term confidence, and disambig confidence to use double rather than decimal and respond to Henry (Issue-94) Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-412 (edit) closed Let Norbert know that issue-95 is out of scope. Des Oates 2013-01-30 ISSUE-95
ACTION-413 (edit) closed Find data on CSS and XPath selectors conversion libraries and keep CSS selectors in the spec. Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-414 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-100 and get back to Norbert. Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 ISSUE-100
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Update unicode reference for issue-104 Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30 ISSUE-104
ACTION-416 (edit) closed Propose solution to Norbert and then Felix can add to spec. Karl Fritsche 2013-01-30 ISSUE-106
ACTION-417 (edit) closed Go back to Somnath on issue-108 to explain why we won't address it. David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-418 (edit) closed Respond to Somnath on issue-109 to explain we are looking at it to make recommendations. David Lewis 2013-01-30
ACTION-419 (edit) closed Make schematron tests described at Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-420 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-111 Jirka Kosek 2013-01-30
ACTION-421 (edit) closed Work on statements 45-48 at , see prague f2f minutes Arle Lommel 2013-01-30 ISSUE-124
ACTION-422 (edit) closed do copy-editing on the spec Arle Lommel 2013-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-423 (edit) closed do edits for issue-113 David Filip 2013-03-27 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Fix section 8.9 note: "since the extra training resources does not justify the improvement in the output." -> "since the extra training resources do not justify the improvement in the output." Felix Sasaki 2013-01-31
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Change test suite for domain in HTML , that is have "keywords" instead of "description" in the HTML and rules files Leroy Finn 2013-01-31
ACTION-426 (edit) closed Create an indicator for poster relations Arle Lommel 2013-01-31
ACTION-427 (edit) closed Nudge people for a first poster draft - 15 february Felix Sasaki 2013-01-31
ACTION-428 (edit) closed come back to links to implemenations Felix Sasaki 2013-01-30
ACTION-429 (edit) closed Check xliff ITS mapping namespace hosting in w3c Felix Sasaki 2013-01-31
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Draft text explaining importance of Unicode normalization and best practices on ISSUE-67 Felix Sasaki 2013-04-05 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-431 (edit) closed Discuss with Felix the best location for this mapping list on issue-81 Arle Lommel 2013-04-05 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Draft out the differences in more detail on ISSUE-83. Arle Lommel 2013-02-04 ISSUE-83
ACTION-433 (edit) closed Update ITS2 spec with new copyright statement, see Felix Sasaki 2013-02-05
ACTION-434 (edit) closed Make re-write of note for domain, taking Yves' example at and jörgs proposal at into account Christian Lieske 2013-02-06 ISSUE-75
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Take care of disambig -> tan examples Tadej Štajner 2013-02-06 ISSUE-68
ACTION-436 (edit) closed Having forking Leroy's test suite and have Leroy write access so that he can pull changes later Felix Sasaki 2013-07-19 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Make edit for for issue-70, see , and go back to chase Felix Sasaki 2013-02-11 ISSUE-70
ACTION-438 (edit) closed Contact David Filip about UL test completion Dominic Jones 2013-02-11
ACTION-439 (edit) closed Contact init on their plans Felix Sasaki 2013-02-11 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Setup page on wiki for implementors which are online David Lewis 2013-02-11
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Remove XHTML example for ITS language information Leroy Finn 2013-02-11
ACTION-442 (edit) closed Raise an issue on how to test for XHTML David Lewis 2013-02-11 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-443 (edit) closed Confirm dates for use case document publishing David Lewis 2013-02-13
ACTION-444 (edit) closed Draft an explanatory note on issue-110 - where ITS applies in HTML where it is XML, including a workflow on the web and outside the web Jirka Kosek 2013-02-18
ACTION-445 (edit) closed Write a note about NIF role for standoff scenarios (might include issue-68 and issue-109 Felix Sasaki 2013-02-18
ACTION-446 (edit) closed Re-write example mentioned in issue-117 Shaun McCance 2013-02-18 ISSUE-117
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Make a batch transformation of the test suite to xliff Yves Savourel 2013-02-18
ACTION-448 (edit) closed Send mail instructing use case writer to include linked to further information and working prototpyes David Lewis 2013-02-20
ACTION-449 (edit) closed Investigate establishing a gloassry for the wiki and including ITS markup on pages David Lewis 2013-02-25
ACTION-450 (edit) closed Make slide tempalte for review David Lewis 2013-02-27
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Edit issue-68 proposal at into the its2 draft Christian Lieske 2013-03-04 ISSUE-68
ACTION-452 (edit) closed Send the global rules file and to start the wiki on HTML defaults for the data categories Yves Savourel 2013-03-06
ACTION-453 (edit) closed Do edit for issue-63 Felix Sasaki 2013-03-06 ISSUE-63
ACTION-454 (edit) closed Check with I18N group about exclamation mark to signify an exclusion Felix Sasaki 2013-03-11
ACTION-455 (edit) closed Create examples of locale filters with exclusion (using exclamation marks) Yves Savourel 2013-03-11 ISSUE-121
ACTION-456 (edit) closed Follow up on stand-off pointer direction (quality, provenance) Phil Ritchie 2013-03-11
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Uploading XSD to github David Lewis 2013-03-13 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Update NIF definition to use offset as specified by NIF 2.0, that is relying on Felix Sasaki 2013-03-20
ACTION-459 (edit) closed Include ITS2 as provenance implementation, that is report back to prov WG David Lewis 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Use for referring to NIF, including ns URI Felix Sasaki 2013-03-25 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-461 (edit) closed Make the edit for issue-68 Christian Lieske 2013-03-27 ISSUE-68
ACTION-462 (edit) closed Re-install type attribute for locale filter see issue-121 Yves Savourel 2013-03-27 ISSUE-121
ACTION-463 (edit) closed Change must statements according to Arle Lommel 2013-04-03 ISSUE-112
ACTION-464 (edit) closed Write a mail about call time - 1 p.m. Irishi time, 2 pm CET Felix Sasaki 2013-04-03
ACTION-465 (edit) closed Check issues 70 to 92 David Lewis 2013-04-03
ACTION-466 (edit) closed Check issues 100 to 121 Jirka Kosek 2013-04-03
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Make change for issue-123 Felix Sasaki 2013-04-03 ISSUE-123
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Make changes related to issue-122 in spec, schema and test suite (add version to standoff, remove it from HTML examples) Jirka Kosek 2013-04-03 ISSUE-122
ACTION-469 (edit) closed Make the edit for issue-99 Felix Sasaki 2013-04-03 ISSUE-99
ACTION-470 (edit) closed Get back to norbert about issue-99 David Lewis 2013-04-03 ISSUE-99
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Update test suite in accordance with issue-121 Yves Savourel 2013-04-03 ISSUE-121
ACTION-472 (edit) closed Update schema wrt text analysis annotation and check the test suite and spec against updated schema Jirka Kosek 2013-04-07 ISSUE-68
ACTION-473 (edit) closed Check about issue-90 with i18n wg Felix Sasaki 2013-04-10 ISSUE-90
ACTION-474 (edit) closed Come back to Jörgs comments Felix Sasaki 2013-04-10
ACTION-475 (edit) closed Edit to issue 117 Jirka Kosek 2013-04-10
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Ensure capitalization of Web is consistent in document Felix Sasaki 2013-04-10
ACTION-477 (edit) closed Make edit on issue 107 Jirka Kosek 2013-04-10
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Make edit on issue-106 Yves Savourel 2013-04-10 ISSUE-106
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Add "normative" statement to sec 6 and 7 Felix Sasaki 2013-04-10
ACTION-480 (edit) closed think about what data categories need references to wikis that can be updated easily Felix Sasaki 2013-04-13 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-481 (edit) closed Confirm NIF changes before leaving last call Felix Sasaki 2013-05-05 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-67, once the regex for the validation is settled Felix Sasaki 2013-04-13 ISSUE-67
ACTION-483 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-98 Felix Sasaki 2013-04-15 ISSUE-98
ACTION-484 (edit) closed Create an ABNF based on Pablo Nieto Caride 2013-04-17 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Remove ruby section and to write an explanation as a non-normative appendix, pointing to ITS1 and the in flux HTML5 ruby Felix Sasaki 2013-04-17 ISSUE-91
ACTION-486 (edit) closed Go back to thomas and check defaults implemtation effort Felix Sasaki 2013-04-17
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Stabilize the defaults page from karl Yves Savourel 2013-04-17 ISSUE-118
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Prepare next ITS2 public draft Felix Sasaki 2013-04-17
ACTION-489 (edit) closed Talk to Cocomore about HTML defaults Felix Sasaki 2013-04-17
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Assure that schema is updated if ruby is removed Felix Sasaki 2013-04-17 ISSUE-91
ACTION-491 (edit) closed Invite RRSAgent David Filip 2013-04-24
ACTION-492 (edit) closed Add tool version info to Felix Sasaki 2013-04-24
ACTION-493 (edit) closed Add comment to LQI tool mapping hihglighting its informative nature and the separate need to conformance testing of ITs impementations Felix Sasaki 2013-04-24
ACTION-494 (edit) closed Add QTLP quality metrics mapping to Arle Lommel 2013-05-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-495 (edit) closed Add version information to Arle Lommel 2013-05-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-496 (edit) closed Make edit for issue-67 see Yves Savourel 2013-05-01 ISSUE-67
ACTION-497 (edit) closed Do edits related to HTML defaults , see Felix Sasaki 2013-05-01 ISSUE-118
ACTION-498 (edit) closed Install the mappings in the IG wiki Felix Sasaki 2013-05-01 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-499 (edit) closed Check normalization in XLIFF2 and see wehtehr it relates to ITS2 Yves Savourel 2013-05-01
ACTION-500 (edit) closed take ITS ontology and NIF conversion into account for the next update of the usage scenarios document Christian Lieske 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Update reference to provenance doc(s), now RECs Felix Sasaki 2013-05-07
ACTION-502 (edit) closed Remove company names from spec, e.g. in examples Felix Sasaki 2013-05-31 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-503 (edit) closed Edits for Felix Sasaki 2013-05-10
ACTION-504 (edit) closed Review draft for XLIFF mapping Felix Sasaki 2013-05-14
ACTION-505 (edit) closed Correct XLIFF mapping (change prefix its to itsx for certain attributes) David Filip 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-506 (edit) closed Set up the URI placeholder for ITS2-XLIFF mapping ( Felix Sasaki 2013-05-14
ACTION-507 (edit) closed Look at the XLIFF 2.0 change tracking module for provenance David Lewis 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-508 (edit) closed Examine XLIFF resource data module with respect to external resouce. David Filip 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-509 (edit) closed Make notes on extraction/merging behavior for target pointer David Filip 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-510 (edit) closed Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure. David Lewis 2013-05-14 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-511 (edit) closed Create mtConfidence examples for XLIFF 2.0 David Filip 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-512 (edit) closed Ping lerory to update tests for translate in html5 and elements within text David Lewis 2013-05-14
ACTION-513 (edit) closed remove ruby from the test suite Leroy Finn 2013-05-14
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Add ITS ontology reference(s) to the spec, referring to wiki / ontology namespace, ... Felix Sasaki 2013-05-15
ACTION-515 (edit) closed Check where we need language tag in its ontology David Lewis 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-516 (edit) closed Move to github - but where Felix Sasaki 2013-05-31 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-517 (edit) closed Make changes 4-5 at Felix Sasaki 2013-05-15
ACTION-518 (edit) closed Subscribe everybody on the ITS IG list Felix Sasaki 2013-05-15
ACTION-519 (edit) closed check about meeting schedule for september + november Felix Sasaki 2013-05-31
ACTION-520 (edit) closed Check 18-19 september in Walldorf including whether we can open up the meeting Felix Sasaki 2013-05-31
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Check "ITS teaching" in W3C Felix Sasaki 2013-05-22
ACTION-522 (edit) closed put ITS2 content to web platform dot org after we have reached PR / PR Jirka Kosek 2013-06-26 Community Involvement
ACTION-523 (edit) closed Create content describing ITS2 for pitching for the LSPs Felix Sasaki 2013-07-08 Community Involvement
ACTION-524 (edit) closed Add a paragraph about the ITS2 showcase to the rome report Arle Lommel 2013-05-15
ACTION-525 (edit) closed Add workshho hp links to deliverables page Felix Sasaki 2013-05-15
ACTION-526 (edit) closed Check logo "contest" options Arle Lommel 2013-05-15
ACTION-527 (edit) closed Propose spec change to address extensibility in general Yves Savourel 2013-05-22
ACTION-528 (edit) closed Propose change for schema changes for extensibility Jirka Kosek 2013-05-22 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-529 (edit) closed Formulate change for elements within text, because of script-tag David Lewis 2013-05-22 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Take for update of usage scenarios doc into account Christian Lieske 2013-06-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Find a designer to make the professional logo Felix Sasaki 2013-07-12 Community Involvement
ACTION-532 (edit) closed Make elements within text edits and create example file, reflecting mail Yves Savourel 2013-05-29
ACTION-533 (edit) closed Schedule editors calls Felix Sasaki 2013-05-29 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-534 (edit) closed Look into dashboard update Felix Sasaki 2013-06-05 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-535 (edit) closed provide edit of sec1-2 with Christian by 12 June, so that we can look at the edits during 17 June f2f Felix Sasaki 2013-06-06
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Rewrite bullet points in 1.2 David Lewis 2013-06-12
ACTION-537 (edit) closed Make the edit about example 2 similar to example 1, just with ITS Felix Sasaki 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-538 (edit) closed Go back to Norbert and say that we changed the example 2 in the new introduction, see his comment on the old example 2 at Felix Sasaki 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-539 (edit) closed Check rfc 2119 keywords in non normative sections Felix Sasaki 2013-06-24
ACTION-540 (edit) closed Check that that there is no normative use of language in non-normative contexts David Filip 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-541 (edit) closed Udpate test suite documentation on github Leroy Finn 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Test Suite
ACTION-542 (edit) closed Check with asun about f2f / showcase infrastrcture for november meeting Felix Sasaki 2013-07-12
ACTION-543 (edit) closed Integrate MQM URL from Arle into spec or into ITS IG best practice Felix Sasaki 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-544 (edit) closed Explore professional service for ITS2 videos and nudge everybody about videos + 1pager (e.g. blog post, news etnry, ...) Felix Sasaki 2013-07-08 Community Involvement
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Nudge implementers to provide input to Felix Sasaki 2013-07-20 Community Involvement
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Create ITS2 (xml) schema and to link them from the spec Jirka Kosek 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Complete and put up schemas to Jirka Kosek 2013-06-26 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-548 (edit) closed Allocate time for 26 june call to discuss comments from kimmo and reviewers David Lewis 2013-06-26
ACTION-549 (edit) closed Put discussion of review comments on next week's call David Lewis 2013-06-26
ACTION-550 (edit) closed track xliff mapping and assure that it is done including testing Felix Sasaki 2013-08-30 Various MLW-LT best practices documents
ACTION-551 (edit) closed Write mail to public list making people aware of vote for PR Felix Sasaki 2013-07-03
ACTION-552 (edit) closed Prepare ITS IG for minute taking etc. Felix Sasaki 2013-07-08
ACTION-553 (edit) closed Ping HTML5 WG to ask them about this issue. Daniel Grasmick 2013-07-17
ACTION-554 (edit) closed Collect feedback on whether testing can be completed by the end of August. Due July 17. Felix Sasaki 2013-07-17
ACTION-555 (edit) closed Raise issue of addressing script topic for 2.x in IG. David Lewis 2013-07-24
ACTION-556 (edit) closed Consult with MT expert in CNGL for clarification David Lewis 2013-07-24
ACTION-557 (edit) closed Add MQM products on the IG tracker Arle Lommel 2013-07-24
ACTION-558 (edit) closed Add LQR inline for voting and best practice note of using widest scope for this anntioan where appropriate David Lewis 2013-07-24
ACTION-559 (edit) closed get feedback on the MT Confidence broadening during PR David Filip 2013-08-29
ACTION-560 (edit) closed update reference to HTML5 CR Felix Sasaki 2013-08-15 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-561 (edit) closed Make an edit showing what changes option 1 would need for discussion next week. Felix Sasaki 2013-08-21 MLW-LT Standard Draft
ACTION-562 (edit) closed Update test suite links Felix Sasaki 2013-09-11
ACTION-563 (edit) closed Prepare xliff 1.2 mapping publication Felix Sasaki 2013-10-15
ACTION-564 (edit) closed Review xliff 1.2 by mid october David Filip 2013-09-25
ACTION-565 (edit) closed Organize monthly calls with "outside people" (suggestions welcome) Felix Sasaki 2013-09-25
ACTION-566 (edit) closed Go back to w3c mgmt with wg opinion on the changes Felix Sasaki 2013-10-16
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Talk to arle about outreach, see items Felix Sasaki 2013-10-16
ACTION-568 (edit) closed Draft a press release David Lewis 2013-11-06
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Send mail to asun about projectors, wifi etc. Felix Sasaki 2013-11-20
ACTION-570 (edit) closed Make a doodle to fix recording dates after talking to volker Felix Sasaki 2013-11-20
ACTION-571 (edit) closed Check m24 report - also one for whole project needed? Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-572 (edit) closed Nudge to get c forms filled by 15 january Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-573 (edit) closed Nudge everybody to make m24 report updates by dec. 15, in word doc sent around mo. 25 november, with change marked and send it to felix Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-574 (edit) closed Reserve preparation meeting room Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-575 (edit) closed Check with phil about d3.2.1 and d3.2.3 and to submit d3.2.2 Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-576 (edit) closed Submit d5.1.1 Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-577 (edit) closed Check process of moving document mlw-metadata from wg to ig Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-578 (edit) closed Explore "doog fooding" of its2 in w3c Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-579 (edit) closed Prepare pages for outreach action points 1-2 Felix Sasaki 2013-12-02
ACTION-580 (edit) closed With pedro to provide input to "mgmt" overview of its2 Stephan Walter 2013-12-02
ACTION-581 (edit) closed Group people and data categories for sending out infos about its2 data categories David Lewis 2013-12-02
ACTION-582 (edit) closed Follow up with crisp implementation discovery after the "business language" for its2 is ready Serge Gladkoff 2013-12-02
ACTION-583 (edit) closed Update its2 wikipedia article Arle Lommel 2013-12-02
ACTION-584 (edit) closed Work on json-ld mapping of its2 David Lewis 2013-12-02
ACTION-585 (edit) closed Talk to jaap about open space session Felix Sasaki 2013-12-03
ACTION-586 (edit) closed Bring mlw ws through w3c mgmt within the next 2 weeks Felix Sasaki 2013-12-03
ACTION-587 (edit) closed Check on iso 8601 Pablo Nieto Caride 2013-12-11
ACTION-588 (edit) closed Convert to wikitext and put that as main wiki page Nieves Sande 2013-12-04
ACTION-589 (edit) closed Clean up its ig wiki main page Felix Sasaki 2013-12-04
ACTION-590 (edit) closed Work on its ontology documentation in turtle David Lewis 2013-12-15

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