Lori Brownell


Senior Program Manager

Desktop and Business Systems Division

Microsoft Corporation

1 Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052


I am a Senior Program Manager in the Desktop and Business Systems Division at Microsoft Corporation. This is the division responsible for Windows, Windows NT and the server applications that make up the Microsoft BackOffice, including Exchange Server, Systems Management Server, Internet Information Server, SNA Server and SQL Server. My teams responsibilities include the design and implementation of international features within these products. My personal focus is on natural language support, multilingual content and communication, character encoding and translations and enabling all products to support all languages. This means moving all of our products to Unicode and working towards a single world wide executable that supports content in any language with any language version of our products.

My personal interest in this workshop is based on the fact that I am looking into issues of DNS naming and how DNS can be extended to support Unicode. I am also interested in working to ensure that all aspects of the World Wide Web can support Unicode and multilingual content. Therefore, we also need to ensure that we have an industry wide solution to the problems of fonts and language changing.

Therefore, I would like to participate in this workshop as a representative of Microsoft Corporation with particular focus on the server issues, as I believe that Ken Fowles will also be participating and will represent the browser side of the picture for Microsoft.