<elementSpec module="corpus" id="PERSON" usage="opt" ident="person">
 <desc>describes a single participant in a language interaction. </desc>
    <rng:ref name="model.pLike"/>
    <rng:ref name="model.personPart"/>
  <attDef ident="role" usage="opt">
   <desc>specifies the role of this participant in the group.</desc>
    <rng:ref name="data.code"/>
   <valDesc>a set of keywords to be defined</valDesc>
  <attDef ident="sex" usage="opt">
   <desc>specifies the sex of the participant.</desc>
    <rng:ref name="data.sex"/>
  <attDef ident="age" usage="opt">
   <desc>specifies the age group to which the participant belongs.</desc>
    <rng:ref name="data.word"/>
   <valDesc>suggested values are to be supplied</valDesc>
   <person sex="2" age="42">
    <p>Female informant, well-educated, born in Shropshire
    UK, 12 Jan 1950, of unknown occupation.
    Speaks French fluently. Socio-Economic status B2.</p>
  <p rend="dataDesc">May contain a prose description organized as paragraphs, or
  any sequence of demographic elements in any combination.</p>
  <ptr target="#CCAHPA"/>