Face-to-Face Meeting Details
GEO Task Force
September 2003

The third Face-to-Face meeting of the GEO Task Force has been scheduled for 6 September, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia. This meeting will be hosted by Microsoft.

Meeting date & time

6th September, 2003

8.30 am - 3pm

Meeting objective

The purpose of this meeting is to prepare for publication of the first Working Draft of the HTML Authoring Techniques document.

Please ensure that you have read this document carefully in advance, and chosen the topics you wish to discuss, so that we can maximise efficient use of the time.


The address of the office is:
Microsoft SouthEast Offices
Two Concourse Pkwy, Suite 400,
Atlanta, GA, 30328 USA
Click here for directions.

It is an estimated 15-20 minutes from the location of the Internationalization & Unicode Conference.

The phone number of the office is: +1 (770) 392-7400. The contact for this meeting is Russ Rolfe.

We will buy lunch across the street. Breakfast will not be provided, so be sure to get something before you arrive.

There will be no Internet connectivity, except for Russ's PC. Teleconferencing is still to be arranged.

Russ will meet us at the facility in the morning and guide us to the meeting room. Please ensure that we are aware in advance if you intend to participate, since the offices will not be open for usual business on Saturday.

Attending the Meetings

If you plan to attend the meeting, you should contact Richard Ishida.

These meetings are open to members of the GEO Task Force, as well as those participating in the W3C I18N Working or Interest Groups.

Participating by phone

If you intend to dial in, please let us know in advance what topics you wish to discuss and what times would suit you best. Zakim will be booked from 8:00 to 16:00 (local time), but to save money, we'll only connect to the bridge at times when we expect callers.

We shall be using the W3C Zakim bridge (+1-617-761-6200) with the following conference code:

See also:

The chair of the Internationalization Working Group is Richard Ishida (W3C). The chair of the Web Services Task Force is Addison Phillips (webMethods, Inc.). The staff contact of the Internationalization Working Group and the Web Services Task Force is Martin Dürst. The chair and staff contact of the the GEO Task Force is Richard Ishida.

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