I18n comments on CSS3 Ruby Module

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Richard Ishida


These comments have not yet been endorsed by the I18N Core WG.


ID Location Comment Mail thread Accepted
1 4.1

Shouldn't the description of bopomofo ruby belong in the section describing the value right?

- -
24.1 right

Please provide an explanation and examples of expected behaviour for the right value. This is currently not clear at all.

34.4, example

On the first line: s/ruby-base/ruby/


The description of the inline value is completely missing.

53.1There should be a link to the CSS3 Box Model module. Note that the values of display alluded to here are not actually described in the Box Model spec.--

The Ruby Annotation spec doesn't normatively describe expected presentational behaviour of the tags, so does it make sense to take for granted that these display settings are applied in the case of XHTML?

73.1, 3.2

Should there be a display: rp value? The note about rp in 3.2 only applies if the user agent has a default stylesheet or explicit styling to address ruby presentation.


Comment from Fran├žois Yergeau:

"Slide 24: left and start shouldn't be synonymous. start is towards the beginning of the line, therefore right in RTL text."