Translator's checklist

This page provides a checklist for reviewing translations under prior to sending to publication. Thanks for your help!

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Check that

The file is saved in the utf-8 character encoding.

Links to files under start with /International.

Links to html files on the W3C don't include extensions (ie. no .html).

img src= attributes link to images in the <filename>-data directory.

The content of elements that have translate="no" is not translated.

Variable values have been provided in the javascript at the top of the page for thisVersion, contributors, and translators.

The value of the lang attribute in the html tag, and as part of the boilerplate-xx.js filename, lower down, has been changed.

The content attribute of the meta description element is translated.

There is no remaining invisible text, especially alt and title attribute text, and there are no inappropriate "xxx" sequences.

The file validates as HTML5.