// translate the text between <<<eot and eot  or between quotes
// text following double slashes (such as this line) provides comments for the translator
// never add any text alongside the eot delimiters - not even spaces !
// words beginning with $ are variables - do not disturb these ! (though you can move them)
// where it would aid clarity, variables that occur in the text are described below

$currLang = array(
'pt-br'=>'Brazilian Portuguese',
'zh-hans'=>'Simplified Chinese',
'zh-hant'=>'Traditional Chinese'

$suppStylesheets = 

$rtlAttribute = "";
$ltrAttribute = "";
$rlm = "";

$datearray = explode(' ',$lastSubstUpdate);
$enVersion = $datearray[0];

$s_i18nActivityHome = "I18N Activity Home";
$s_moreResourcesOfThisType = "More resources of this type.";
$s_accessKeyN = 
Accesskey n skips to <a href="#internal-links" accesskey="n">in-page navigation</a>. <a href="#contentstart">Skip to the content start.</a>
$s_examplesInAnotherScript = "This document contains examples in another language/script.";
$s_worldMap = "World map";
$s_searchI18nSite = "I18n site search:"; 
$s_translationDisclaimer = 
This document is a translation. In the case of any discrepancy or errors, the 
<a href="/International/$directory$filename.en">latest English original</a> should be considered authoritative.
<a href="#copyright">Original copyright</a> belongs to W3C, as shown below.
$s_translator = "Translator:";
$s_relatedLinks = "Related links";
$s_articles = "Articles"; # used in breadcrumbs, top right of page 
$s_topicIndexText = "Topic index";
$s_techIndexText = "Techniques index";
$s_gotoW3cHome = "Go to W3C Home Page";
$s_gotoI18nHome = "Go to Internationalization Activity Home Page";
$s_internationalizationTitle = "Internationalization";
$s_i18nActivityHomePage = "Internationalization Activity home page.";
$s_home = "Home";
$s_aboutI18nActivity = "About the Internationalization Activity.";
$s_about = "About";
$s_groupsThatMakeUp = "Groups that make up the Internationalization Activity.";
$s_groups = "Groups";
$s_topicIndexForInformation = "Topic index for information on this site.";
$s_topics = "Topics";
$s_taskBasedIndex = "Task-based index of i18n techniques.";
$s_techniques = "Techniques";
$s_informationResources = "Information resources on the Internationalization site.";
$s_resources = "Resources";
$s_newsFiltersAndFeeds = "Information about news filters and RSS feeds for W3C Internationalization.";
$s_news = "News";
$s_onThisPage = "On this page";
$s_questionAlt = "Question";
$s_questionLink = "Question";
$s_question = "Question";
$s_backgroundAlt = "Background information";
$s_backgroundLink = "Background";
$s_background = "Background";
$s_answerAlt = "Answer";
$s_answerLink = "Answer";
$s_answer = "Answer";
$s_byTheWayAlt = "Additional useful information";
$s_byTheWayLink = "By the way";
$s_byTheWay = "By the way";
$s_furtherReadingAlt = "Further reading";
$s_furtherReadingLink = "Further reading";
$s_furtherReading = "Further reading";
$s_intendedAudience = "Intended audience:";
$s_skipToAnswer = "[Skip to the answer]";
$s_tellUsWhatYouThink = "Tell us what you think (English).";
$s_sendAComment = "Send us a comment";
$s_subscribeToRSS = "Subscribe to an RSS feed.";
$s_newResourcesAlt = "Notifies you each time a new resource is published for the first time.";
$s_newResources = "New resources";
$s_homePageNewsAlt = "All news items shown on the home page.";
$s_homePageNews = "Home page news";
$s_sentenceDelimiter = ".";
$s_author = "Author:";
$s_modifiedBy = "Modified by:"; # person's name appears after colon
$s_translatedBy = "Translator:";
$s_validXHTML = "Valid XHTML 1.0!";
$s_validCSS = "Valid CSS!";
$s_codedInUtf8 = "Encoded in UTF-8!";
$s_translatedFromEnglishVer = "Translated from English content dated $enVersion. Translated version last changed $thisVersion GMT";
$s_historyOfDocumentChanges =
For the history of document changes, search for
<span class="searchkey"><a href="http://www.w3.org/blog/International/tag/$searchString/">$searchString</a></span>
in the i18n blog.
$s_untranslatedChanges = 
<strong>Note:</strong> Changes have been made to <a href="/International/$directory$filename.en.php">the English original</a> since this document was translated. <span class="searchkey"><a href="http://www.w3.org/blog/International/tag/$searchString/">See the change log.</a></span>
$s_new="New";# placed alongside new articles at http://www.w3.org/International/articlelist 
$s_updated="Updated"; # same as New
$s_translation_updated="Translation updated:"; # date appears after colon