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Agora is a World Wide Web email browser, designed to help people without full access to the Internet. It is still in beta mode. See Help file.


The last version of Agora (version 0.8b - July 97) prevents unauthorized access to local world-readable files on the host running Agora. This feature was added by Hugh Sasse thanks to suggestions of Andreas Schamanek and FURUSE Nobuhiro.


The agora source (currently version 0.8b) is available from the anonymous ftp site ftp://info.cern.ch/pub/Agora or at this web site as Agora.tar.Z (30 kb) or Agora.tar.gz (18 kb).

See also additional Information on the line-mode browser, as well as an old version of it (binaries and source) that has been tested with Agora. Check also the Perl language home page.


Arthur Secret (secret@w3.org) - Last updated July 2, 1997
Agora, for those who cannot be in the Arena