Reading manuals made from hypertext

About documents generated from hypertext

Paper manuals generated from hypertext are made for convenience, for example for reading when one has no computer to turn to. We have tried to make the hypertext into fairly conventional paper documents, but they may seem a little strange in some ways.

All the links have been removed. Therefore, it is worth looking at the table of contents to see what there is in the manual. Something which is not explained in place may be explained in detail elsewhere.

We have tried to keep related matter together, but sometimes necessarily you might have to check the table of contents to find it.

Please remember that these are for the most part "living documents". That is, they are constantly changing to reflect current knowledge. If you see a statement such as "Product xxx does not support this feature", remember that it was the case when the document was generated, and may not be the same now. So if in doubt, check the online version. Of course, the living document may be out of date too, in which case it is helpful to mail its author.

Tim BL