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Navisoft Software

The NaviSuite consists of the Navipres client and the NaviServer software. The navipres-client as such is useful alone, as it allows browsing and editing of MiniWebs as well as the whole World Wide Web. The Server software allows for advanced features like automatic full text indexing as soon as a page is posted to it, etc...

navipres -- the client

construction Logo The beta releases change every week. It is therefore not helpful if I described specific functions, especially as the problem with relative links prevented us from using the product with files in our AFS-space.

While installing and testing the alpha and many beta-releases, Bruno spoke and emailed to Navisoft pretty often.

Beta 4 had the nasty spleen of omitting hyphens in file name AND of ignoring the "upper-directory-please" ../ - part of a filename, thus invalidating links..

I hope the problem with relative links (beta 5 - 6) ../Overview.html that were translated into something absolute like /afs/w3.org/hypertext .... has now been solved. [ not yet as per 2-May-95 BFG ]


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BFG, Apr-95