Development Priorities BOF

Robert asked everyone around the table to give their feelings about what was necessary next for them or the community. This is a dump of the resulting white board, sorted a little, my notes in [brackets]. See also: WWW devlopments , and the brainstorming wall of the WWWWorkshop of 93 .

Data format issues

Multmedia composition language and geometric graphics [Came from the preceding VR discussion to some extent. See WWW and VR .]

Scripting Languages. [See also: slide show ,]

Semantic header -- see TEI headers.

HTML tables and math

Character sets -- at least as in PostScript's symbol font

User profiles for different flavors.

Style sheets

Client-side ISMAP handling please. (see SHAPE in HTML+ )

Buttons in documents to control the client.

Document boundaries, containers. Printing of big documents.

Addressing issues

Addressing and access of fragments. [Fragment addressing ina format which is standard allows one to chose eiethr retrieval of a large object and selection of the fragement, or retrieval of the fragement]

Lasting names and lookup services [see URNs ]


Multipart requests -- efficient [on Henrik's list]

Look at Prospero DAP (ref?)

Interactive extensions to HTTP - switch to continous update [see Phil HB's URI gateway]

WAIS functionality: Search multiple servers, relevance feedback

Security -- all of it. Accounting too.


Link semantics

Dynamic generation of links: Glossaries a la Microcosm

Authoring Tools. See editors for HTML

Collaborative tools: version control.


"CGI for clients" -- hooks to allow arbitrary applications to call the WWW client, orr display things within a WWW document. [This is the sort of thing provided at the operating system level, and therefeore rather platform dependent? Can we have a common API?]

HTTP accessed as a file system.

CERN code requests

Please can we return to using a common library?

Multi-threaded clients [on Henrik's list]

HTML to postscript generation in libwww please

Server-side include in cern_httpd, please.


Ed. TimBL