Date: Mon, 20 Sep 93 16:38:11 HST
From: (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)

Web presentation stuff at HCC

	Honolulu Community College had a very successful demonstration
of the Web last week, showing off Mosaic to a crowd of about 50 instructors,
students, and interested folks in one of HCC's Sun labs.
	More information can be found at:

	Source for a program which remotely controls Mosaics as a "slide
show" on multiple X displays is at:

	This program is pretty small and uses Mosaic-generated hotlists for
its "slides".

	_Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace_ is presented
in hypermedia form at: was passed out at the presentation, and may be good for people wanting
to know the basics about the Web. It is a static document and is not meant to
be updated. It also contains one of my suggestions for a WWW logo, but be
careful - it's rather heavy on graphics.

	-- Kevin Hughes
           HCC WWW person