Installation under VMS

To install under VMS, get the files WWW.EXE and SETUP.COM from sources described below. To set up the commands, put the command $ @[...]SETUP into your LOGIN.COM, or the system SYLOGIN.COM. This command file assumes you have left all the distributed files in the same directory as itself.

Customization using logical names

Under VMS, the home page may be defined using the logical name WWW_HOME. You should define this to be the full address of the document which you want to be displayed when www is invoked without parameters. For example, $ DEFINE/SYSTEM WWW_HOME "file://myvax/sys$library/default.html" Note that the www address you must set it to is still in unix-like format (with slashes instead of :: : [.])Users may of course override the system logical name with their own. If no logical name is defined, the VMS browser will default to picking up the default page from our server, document

The other customization variables may be defined in the same way.

Accessing VMS files

If you are making you own home page, or any other documentation, you will probably want to store it on your VMS machine. The www program has the ability, if running under VMS, to access VMS files. the document name for a VMS file is simply the filename, but:

The host name must be the name of the machine WITHOUT any domain name on it, e.g. //vxcrna/

The filename is written with each punctuation converted into a single slash. Examples are

Document identifier Filename file://vxcrna/sys$www_home vxcrna::sys$home

Availability of .EXE files

Versions are available for any of the following implementations of TCP/IP which you may have installed on your system: Digital's UCX, Wollongongs's WIN/TCP, or SRI's Multinet. If you are on the High Energy Physics DECnet, the versions are currently (Jan 92) available compiled in directories as follows:
Wollongong WIN_TCP
none - see recompiling .
Digital's UCX
none - see r ecompiling .
If you are not on HEPnet, but can pick up binary files from using FTP, then you will find executables in the /pub/www/bin/vms, as files www_ucx.exe or www_multinet.exe. Remember to transfer in binary mode. Pick one and rename it to www.exe

Rebuilding from source

You may have to do this if your sharable libraries are not compatible with those for which the .EXE file was built. If there is a version incompatability, then you get an explicit message about sharable library versions when you try to run www.

If you have utilities for uncompressing and untarring the main source file, then you could remake the distribution from source.

Another way of getting the sources up can be used if you happen to have access to an untrix machine on the same DECnet as your vax. FTP the source tar file over to the ultrix machine, uncompress it and untar it, then copy over the descrip.mms in LineMode/Implementation/vms. In there you'll find all the commands to copy the sources from a unix machine (PRIAM:: in that instance -- you'll have to edit it) and rebuild the .exe.

When you remake the exe, you must specifify

MMS/MACRO=(MULTINET=1) or MMS/MACRO=(WIN_TCP=1) or MMS/MACRO=(UCX=1) to get the right version for Multinet, Wollongong TCP or DEC/UCX respectively.
Tim BL