Installing www if you are not superuser

So you want to install www, but you do not have the privilege to become super-user. No problem: you can install it for your own use.

You have found (or built if it did not exist ) a subdirectory of WWW/LineMode/Implementation for your type of machine.

You have modified the Makefile in that directory to reflect the directory name. Don't worry about BINDIR, the name of the installation directory, because you aren't making a system-wide installation.


make This should generate the executable file called "www". There are two ways you can make this available.

One is, if in your " path " there is a directory to wrich you do have write access, then you put move www into that directory. You may have to then "rehash" to regenerate the list of commands.

If there isn't a writable directory on your path, then you can put an alias command into a login shell script (.login or .cshrc) to define www as being a file in the directory where it is.

Now if you run www it will complain that it can't find the default home page, /usr/local/bin/WWW/default.html. You will find a copy of a default page in the distribution WWW/LineMode/Defaults/default.html.

In your login shell script , set the environment variable WWW_HOME to the full pathname of default.html as distributed, or to the w3 address of the copy on our server. See customization about how to set environment variables.

Tim BL