Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship

Brown University, 155 George Street, Box 1946, Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA

IRIS is a 20-strong institute which is part of Brown University. It is funded by external grants, although its members are salaried staff of the university. IRIS developed the Intermedia product as a research tool, and now sell it in versions to run on Apple A/UX version 1 only. They are not pursuing Intermedia as a product. They have their own unix version for research, which is available to sponsors.

IRIS have discussed hypermedia with several manufacturers, encouraging them to adopt certain architectures for hypermedia. They have developped a system of remote objects under C++ (at least, remote method calling, not remote objects. Protocol compatible with Sun RPC).

They have a full text indexer, used by EBT .

IRIS would be interested in collaborative work, if they could find some funding through it.

"IRIS has run out funding & gone fut." - Chris Jones April 91.