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Announcing Doorway, a new dimension in information handling

Houston, TX - July 1, 1991 -- More and more information is being delivered in electronic format. With Doorway, users no longer have to be satisfied with the way someone else arranged that information. Doorway allows users to quickly organize, and reorganize, their information in whatever way is most meaningful to them. In addition, Doorway gives users the ability to attach pop-up notes to their information, to organize their information hierarchically, and to jump (i.e., link) from one piece of information to another piece of information. With Doorway, a user can attach multiple links to the same piece of information.

For example, a user could attach a note link, that provided bibliographic information, and a reference link, that jumped to more detailed information or to a related piece of information, to the same source. Doorway gives users control over how their information is organized. Doorway sells for $129.95 and runs on 286/386/486 systems with DOS 3.0 or higher.

What is Doorway?

Doorway is a hypertext authoring tool that allows users to

create links between objects. Doorway provides several different

types of links all of which are bi-directional.

Why "Doorway"?

Just as doors provide easy access into and out of rooms, and into and out of houses, Doorway provides easy access into and out of information. Just as one room or house can have multiple doors, Doorway allows multiple links to be associated with the same piece of information. Just as doors can provide a "link" from the inside of a house to the outside of the house, Doorway provides a link from inside of Doorway to something outside of itself.

Why Use Doorway?

Doorway provides users with the ability to easily and quickly reorganize their information to suit their needs. User's need no longer be dependent upon someone else's organization. Doorway allows users to organize their information in multiple ways. Organizing the same set of information in different ways can often provide new insights into the information and can lead to new knowledge about that information.

Doorway provides the ability to tie two pieces of information together. This enables a user to jump from one piece of information to related or more detailed information. For example, a link can be created from a "see also" reference to the information that is being referenced. These links can be between information in one document or between information in multiple documents.

What can be put into Doorway?

If data can be saved in ASCI format, then it can be read into Doorway. Also, users can choose to create text inside of Doorway using Doorway's word processing capabilities. Doorway also supports the integration of graphics with the text.


Doorway provides users with the ability to publish anything they create inside of Doorway. This means that users can publish an organization of information in addition to publishing the information itself. Even if the user does not "own" the actual information, he can still publish an organization of the information. This is possible because of Doorway's unique publishing scheme. When a user publishes a theme (i.e., an organization of information) but doesn't own the information contained in the theme, Doorway provides publish information that identifies where the information can be obtained. This provides protection against potential copyright problems, as well as providing a sales channel for "hypertexts".

Hardware requirements

Doorway requires a 286 or higher PC; Hercules, EGA or higher resolution graphics adapter; 640K of memory; one floppy drive, one hard disk with 2.5 meg available; DOS 3.0 or higher. Doorway retails for $129.95, and educational and volume discounts are available. For further information, contact Dimensional Media Systems, 1522 Festival Drive, Houston, TX 77062; 713-488-7050.

Bill Yow

(713) 488-7050

Dimensional Media Systems

1522 Festival Drive, Houston, TX 77062


Contact: Vicki Coleman - or Bill Yow

(Office) 713-488-7050