Toolkits for hypermedia applications

Building hypertext on a multimedia toolkit

Mark Sherman

The toolkit approach to Hypermedia

J. Puttress & N. Guimaraes They have big hypertexts for program annotation: 2000 people, 2Mslocs of code. This needs other tools and networking, but they must be modified to suit the specific needs. Linking should be like cut-and-paste: a part of the operating system.

Scenario-based hypermedia: amodel and a system

R. Ogawa , H. Harada, A. Kaneko Honest speaker, started out as follows: "Why did I do this research? Well, because I wanted to come to Paris." Interesting treatment of the time dimension: how do you browse if the hypertext includes video scenes? For example, can you click on the (moving) image of a person and thereby get his name? How to handle interruptions to follow links to other info and then come back and continue, etc.