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This is still experimental, maintained on a best-efforts basis. (for now)

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is an HTTP-based protocol that allows accessing the content of an HTTP server as a networked filesystems; to put it simply, it allows to edit directly a Web site as if it were an additional disk on your computer.

Can I use WebDAV to edit W3C Web site?

There is preliminary support to edit W3C Web site using WebDAV, but due to the number of interoperability issues with the protocol, this support is only experimental. If you have suggestions for specific clients, support, help for people, please contribute to the Tools wiki on WebDAV. The following clients have been reported to work with the current implementation on




2012-08-27 Ralph believes that the only step needed here is the step starting 'Rightclick' -- i.e. just create a shortcut to \\\TLD where TLD is the top-level directory to which you wish to connect. It is no longer necessary to edit the registry to enable Basic Auth.

It is not recommended to use any other client-side implementations as of today. Yves is working on improving supports for other implementations, but has only limited availabilities to do so.

Useful information on the use of WebDAV with some clients

Future Plans

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