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Effects Task Force

The CSS and SVG Working Groups have formed this Effects Task Force (FXTF) to work on joint issues that affect both technologies. The goal is to have consistent underlying models even where there is different syntax.

The FX Task Force is a public group.


This task force is chartered as a public group.


The FX taskforce has teleconferences Mondays 21:00 - 22:00 UTC every other week, for the exact schedule see the W3C Teleconference page (GA_FXTF).


9 May 2012, Hamburg, Germany (CSS planning page, SVG WG planning page) - Agenda.

Work in progress

Deliveries from the FX taskforce
Name Editor Due Date Current Version Next Version Comments
CSS 2d transforms Anthony Grasso, Dean Jackson, Simon Fraser Dec 13 2010 ED - Superceded by css3-transforms (merge of CS 2d/3d and SVG transforms).
Filters Erik Dahlström, Dean Jackson Dec 20 2010 ED (has been published as WD as SVG Filters 1.2) - -


CSS Image Transitions

Filter effects

Merged Transforms

Filter Effects: background and border filter

fill and stroke on paragraphs


The FX TF mailing list,, is public and archived.

Communication is aided by edit access


This group is open to any member of the SVG or CSS Working Groups. See the list of active participants for more information on current participation.