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This is a summary based on this thread.

Requested filter effects

Paul Irish held an informal poll on twitter, see results.

The most requested filters, by far, are: blur, saturation, compositing modes, noise, and color levels. A few folks also were interested in: sharpen, contrast, drop shadow (a la brad's proposal), and chroma key.

There were so many requests for blending/compositing modes and unique mentions of individual ones, that I could break out those, too. See the chart for detail (multiply has the most interest).

Additional effects mentioned by a single person are: feather, brightness, bump/displacement mapping, elliptical distortions, image fill, alpha masks, lighting effects, per color desaturate, wave distort, reflect, sparkles & rainbow effects, color matrix Interesting that brightness doesn't have a big demand. The rest of these probably out outside the bounds of these canned filters.

Worth mentioning that recently there have been a few javascript libraries people have been gravitating towards to apply these sort of effects:

Rik Cabanier: Looking at how Adobe's apps are set up and our customer files, a rough list in order of importance would be:

  1. colormatrix
  2. blur
  3. dropshadow
  4. glow
  5. bevel
  6. gradient glow
  7. gradient bevel

FXG 2.0 specification defining the above filters.

Proposed requirements

  • Ability to easily animate the filters (e.g via CSS Transitions)
  • Commonly used effects should have a simple shorthand syntax

Other related proposals

New Filter Primitives

  • Proposing some new svg filter primitives:
  • Color Range: select a color range to change that specific color, or exclude changing that specific color when changing others. (For example, changing the color of a car, or changing a color photo into grayscale while not changing the color of a red balloon in it.)