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Tuesday (26th) Wednesday (27th) Thursday (28th) Friday (29th)
Chairing Erik Cameron Erik Cameron
IRC log1 | log2 log log log
9:00 am
Scribe: dino

Starting at 9:30 am

FXTF day - NOTE: different location

Scribe: vhardy Scribe: ?? Scribe: tab
10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
Scribe: vhardy Scribe: tab Scribe: vhardy

Extending path syntax

Scribe: vhardy
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Scribe: nimbu Scribe: erik
  • SVG and Canvas
Scribe: birtles Scribe: jenyu
3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
Scribe: nimbu Scribe: tab
  • SVG Accessibility
Scribe: cyril Scribe: ??
  • API for Media Resources 1.0 LCWD review
  • Next F2F
  • Time for working on actions / writing spec text
6:00 pm Hosted dinner at El Camino at 6:30 pm