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Pass Criteria

To pass, either the name (in English) of the current system language, or the names of the three languages (English, French and Japanese) of W3C must appear. The second case will occur if either the user language is not one of the (60 or so) languages present in the test, or if there is no user language information available.

It is an error to display no output; the last child of switch has no test, so it will always be taken unless a more suitable child has already evaluated to true.

In addition, the string "Why don't they just speak <language>" should appear in the center of the graphic, translated into that language. It is not an error for some or all of this string to display as 'missing character' glyphs, if no suitable font is available - however, this is unlikely if the language is indeed the users primary language. (It can easily occur during testing, however).