raster image of udom-glob-203-t

This SVG will test the SVGGlobal's postURL() callback status. The test is passed if, on each row, both squares have the same color.

There are multiple calls to postURL(), each with a different expected HTTP return code.

The test works in conjunction with a JSP servlet called HttpCodeTest, which will simulate the various HTTP return codes, based on the query parameter from the client.

For each call to postURL(), two squares will appear. The first square represents the "expected" status code. The second square represents the "actual" status code that the callback function receives. The status codes are color-coded.

Note that the status codes may take some time to update, due to the asynchronous nature of the postURL() callback. Tester should allow some time for all postURL() calls to receive ther return codes. The latency will vary depending on the network environment, but normally, it should only be a couple minutes at most.

100-ranges status codes are not tested here because the spec states that these status codes should be ignored. It is not clear what the expected callback status should be in this case.