raster image of struct-cond-03-t

Tests the <switch> element with requiredFeature. If a red rectangle with white text 'FAIL' is displayed, the test fails. Otherwise, if a green rectangle is displayed in the lower part with the text '', the test is passed.

The red rectangle and the white text each require a non-existent feature; the test attribute will thus evaluate to false and neither element will be rendered by a compliant implementation.

The upper subtest is informative; it distinguishes between a purely SVG Tiny 1.2 implementation and others which also implement more (eg SVG Full 1.1, or some profile of SVG 1.2 greater than Tiny). The results of this subtest does not affect the pass/fail criteria.

Because SVG Tiny does not support for SVG Full DOM, an SVG Tiny implementation which does not support other SVG Profiles should show a rectangle like this. If the application supports the DOM, meaning that it does more than just SVG Tiny, it should show a rectangle like this. Either result is a pass.

The lower subtest,has another switch. The first child has a requiredFeature set to which all SVG Tiny implementations must support. If the application does, the lower rectangle is displayed in green like this. Otherwise, a red rectangle indicates that the text has failed.