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Tests various external fragments with 'use' element: fill, stroke, text, group, multiple levels, name clash and circular references

SVG fragments defined in an external file are invoked with the 'use' element. The test is passed if the following objects are rendered: - Right top; square with a horizontal gradient fill from orange to yellow, diagonal gradient stroke from blue to pink - Right middle top; square with a diagonal gradient fill from blue to pink, horizontal gradient stroke from orange to yellow - Right middle bottom; the letters ABC in an SVG font - Right bottom; the English alphabet a to j in the shape of a square - Left Top; square with horizontal gradient fill from orange to yellow, and 3 circles all with a blue to red gradient fill running diagonally inside the square - Left middle top; green square with a yellow circle in the middle - Left middle bottom; red square - Left bottom; two identical squares with light blue fill.