raster image of animate-elem-39-t

This test validates that the xlink:href attribute can be animated on the <a>, <image> and <use> elements, using the <animate> or <set> animation elements.

For the <a> animation, showing on the left-most column, the number indicates the number of the animation test currently linked by the xlink:href attribute. For example, when the xlink:href animated value is "animate-elem-38-t.svg", the text displays "38". When the user clicks on the displayed number, the user agent should open the corresponding link. For example, if the user clicks on 38, then the "animate-elem-38-t.svg" URI should be followed. If the user clicks on 02, then the "animate-elem-02-t.svg" URI should be followed.

For the <image> animations, the image xlink:href attribute cycles through two values showing a sun set and a picture of the sydney opera. The image should change every second and the images shown by the <set> and <animate> animations should always match.

For the <use> animations, the use xlink:href attribute cycles through values "#useA" and "#useB" which reference text elements displaying values "Use A" and "Use B". The change should happen every second and the text shown for the two animations (<set> and <animation>) should always match.